Everyone wants to be successful. Everyone wants to have more, be more, do more and enjoy more of what life has to offer. We are goal-seeking beings. We are driven continually forward towards the attainment of things that are personally important.

What then is it that differentiates the highly successful from those who accomplish very little?

Preparation is the key. Everyone wants to be a winner, but very few people want to engage in the demanding hard work, day after day, year after year, that is required to prepare themselves for success.

So why not get prepared?

This week, all week, at the end of each day, spend two minutes reflecting over the events of the day and then think of one thing you could do differently tomorrow. And then act on that thought.

We can learn so much by the simple act of reflection, non-judgemental reflection on our thoughts and experiences. Instead of asking yourself ‘what did I do wrong?’ reflect on the day and ask yourself ‘what will I do differently?’

Imagine the changes you could make in your life if you got into the daily habit of spending a few moments in reflection, thinking back over the day and making a commitment to putting one small change into action.

These changes need not be big – in fact through my studies of neuro linguistic programming I know it is often the smallest of changes that can trigger a major breakthrough in the way our brain is hardwired. So start with simple things such as brushing your teeth with the opposite hand or driving to work a different way – start small and build from there.

By making this happen each and every day and then putting your daily change into action you will be bringing yourself one step closer to being the most amazing you that you can be!

Yours in prosperity, passion and purpose
Heidi Alexandra Pollard
The Communicators’ Coach
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