A Dating Site Washington DC is a great way to meet someone, but Professionals in the City is a dating service that can really help you even more.  Keep in mind that most of the time, people do not look exactly the way they do in their dating profile pictures.  Also, it’s easier for someone to see confident and cool online than in person.

That is why it’s better to meet someone face-to-face.  Three minutes of speed dating a person can tell you more about them than their dating site profile and an hour of online chatting can.  Plus, Professionals in the City “Mutually Matches” people based on who they are interested in and who is interested in them.

Professionals in the City also organizes fun events where D.C. residents who share similar interests can have a good time and meet new people.  These events also double as great places to take a first date.  For people who enjoy the outdoors, the Billy Goat Trail Hike is a great way to break away from the hustle and bustle for a day.  People who enjoy music would love the Jazz events at the Decatur house.  These are just two examples of the hundreds of exciting events Professionals in the City offers that Dating Site Washington DC does not.

First dates (second dates if you count the speed dating meeting) are perfect for assessing whether or not the other person and you should keep seeing each other.  There are two ways to do this:  By making the first date something that is in your comfort zone (I.e.- seeing your favorite sports team play), it is a good test of whether or not the other person shares– or at least can stand– your interests.  You could also try something that you normally wouldn’t do per your date’s suggestion (I.e.- go to a ballet for the first time).  By realizing how someone acts slightly outside of their comfort zone, you can learn a lot about your chemistry together (or lack-thereof); dating websites do not allow for this.

If you decide to go on another date with someone, try doing something that you both enjoy to further your bond.  During the next date, focus more on the other person than yourself.  Forget trying to impress them– you have already done that in order to get to this date.  That is important to know at this point.  Let go of your inhibitions, and remember that you are learning more in every few minutes of being face-to-face with someone than you would have learned about them in an hour of chatting on a Dating Site Washington DC.

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