Be On Your Guard From Fools, Damn Fools & Experts

Fools, Damn Fools, & Experts? Why Not Trust Yourself!

This was the title of an article written in the Sunday Times by India Knight. She quotes;

“Dr Gillian McKeith the unhealthy looking ‘health guru’ who humiliates fat people on television, last week agreed to drop the ‘Doctor’ part of her name in an advertisement.
This followed an investigation by the Advertising Standards Authority which concluded that the use of the word was likely to mislead the public”

Further on she quotes;

“They are everywhere; the experts. We can’t cook anymore, apparently we need armies of people telling us how to address the problematic question of vegetables.”

India Knight has a valid point. 
She further states Mckeith for all the healthy advice she gives isn’t the healthiest looking woman in the world. Neither was Dr Atkins and his diet books sold millions.
India Knight also has a bite at Gina Ford, the ‘Childcare Expert’ who has no children of her own.

Why do we listen to such people?

Knight’s main message from all this is we should use plain common sense when making judgment.

I do not question the ability of those people mentioned above.
I’ve heard some of their ideas work well.
What I am questioning are when titles are placed with a name to feign authority.
Dr McKeith, Dr Atkins.

I have a personal gripe with those who use titles with their name whose line of work doesn’t warrant it.
The only Dr I’m willing to listen to is someone who can make me well when I’m ill.

I don’t mind reading, listening to information from those who have experienced doing what they do.
Who have walked the talk.
These true people will tell you their mistakes as well as the triumphs they have met on their journey in life.

We can learn much from these people.

Gurus will tell you of their success.
You never hear about their failures.
They don’t make mistakes.
In fact they have never made a mistake in their entire lives.
Do you know people like these?

Stay away from them.

Another issue which puts me on guard are people who place the title Phd next to their name.
You just know material you read or hear from these people will be full of fancy meaningless jargon.
To read material from someone like this is like reading the terms and condition statement from your bank.
That’s right. Nobody reads them…….

Then there are the scientists.
To this day I don’t have the foggiest what Stephen Hawkins is talking about.

We All Make Mistakes.
That’s what life is about.
To make mistakes and to learn and grow from them.

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