Directedness is that quality about a person which determines whether their attitudes and decisions are more directed, influenced, or controlled by themselves (self-directedness) or more directed by others (other-directedness).

This area focuses on your internal sense of personal guidance for making plans and decisions for your retirement life, rather than relying on others to give you directions. You have needs for order and organization: order that you direct yourself, the opportunity to be the captain of your own ship, the need to be ‘in charge’ of self and something. Retirement takes away the opportunity to direct events your way and the means to make things happen the way you direct. It makes one feel unsteady, unsure, inferior, and lacking in self-direction.

Generally, people who are self-motivated self starters make your own decision, chart your course, and move in that direction. You make decisions on your own thoughts, feel in control of your own destiny and can generally make decisions easily. You take responsibility for your own actions, whether successful or not. Caution needs to be exercised since excessively self-directed individuals may disregard the assistance that others may offer. Thinking may be somewhat inflexible, you may not be open to new ideas. Some are even viewed as stubborn and thinking only of themselves. If you are strongly self-directed, you may need to also focus on becoming adaptable.

A healthy resolution requires you to stir your personal growth potential. You need to see your life as a continuous growth encounter. Search for life everywhere with new eyes. Dedicate your life to an ongoing mission of personal development. Develop a healthy knowledge of who you are, what makes you ‘tick’, your likes and dislikes, understanding yourself.

You have a choice every day of either…

Personal growth empowerment, or

Personal submission.

Your Assignment:

What changes, if any, would you like to see in yourself on this issue of self-direction?

Stay tuned to next week’s issue when we’ll talk about the fourth area, Health Perception.

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This information is based on the original work created by Richard P. Johnson, Ph.D. in his book The New Retirement and the training certification through the Retirement Success Profile (RSP).

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