As you start to dig into and discover past lives, you’ll begin to learn more about what makes you tick today. The use of self hypnosis will make it much simpler to recall a past life.

You may have a blurry recollection of some incident from the past that keeps nagging at you. Once you take some time to explore, you’ll find out more about yourself than you can ever imagine.

There are many people who want to explore their past lives using self hypnosis on their own or possibly using an audio recording. Some are just interested to find out what life may have been like. They wonder if they were someone well known or perhaps a hero. I don’t want to disillusion them but most people were just regular people living common lives. Just like today the typical person can live a life full of purpose that is extraordinary to them but that may seem ordinary to the outsider.

Most who want to discover past lives have a clear purpose, which is the best way to start.

When you begin with a definite goal in mind for remembering past lives you’ll get better results. By goal, I mean that you should first figure out what is happening in your present life that you want to be different.

Trust is a widespread issue, or actually I should say the absence of trust.

Frank began to explore his past lives because he had issues with trusting those people who are closest to him. He had every reason to trust his family and yet he still felt insecure. A past lives regression revealed the reason why.

He had been a young girl who was taken by her mother as she left her father. The girl never knew her mother’s motive and did not understand why she was being cautious, never giving a straight answer.

Revisiting that moment in time allowed Frank to learn the truth. The father had been a gambler and a heavy drinker. The mother had taken the girl away so that she could protect her and kept the truth to herself.

So how does this help?

By digging into the past to encounter events related to your present problem, you can get a larger viewpoint. You can uncover the wisdom inherent in the situation and apply it to your life today.

Do you have any past life memories? Have you taken the time to discover past lives and the memories they hold? Once you do, you’ll unlock the keys to the present.

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