Do Successful People Deposit Only Positive Thoughts? Do you ever wonder why successful people become so successful? You may
say because their smart, or they were able to get a good education, or
maybe even because they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth.
Successful people are successful because they only deposit positive
thoughts in their mind. When you deposit negative thoughts in your mind like, I do not have
enough money, then more negative thoughts will come into play.  When
you deposit positive thoughts like, I can afford anything I want, then
positive things will happen. In reality, thoughts do become things,
that is why successful people choose to deposit only positive
thoughts. Any time that there is a problem or obstacle you have, you  use your
mind to think of how to solve it.  If all your mind has in it is
negative thoughts, your problem or obstacle will never be solved. They
will just continue to get bigger and bigger.  So change your negative
thoughts to positive ones and you can solve your problems much easier. How do you feel when you are around a person, and everything that
comes out of their mouth is negative? You get rapped up in all the bad
stuff going on that they are talking about and you start feeling bad.
How do you feel when your around a person and their bright, cheery and
everything they say is positive?  You start to feel bright and cheery
and they put a smile on your face. They make you feel just like
sunshine on a cloudy day! Everyone has bad days and challenges.  Days where nothing seems to go
right. You can either continue to dwell on the bad stuff and let it
take over your mind, like an unsuccessful person or you can think of a
positive way to change your bad day and come up with a solution like a
successful person does. Start changing your negative thoughts to
positive ones and your bad days will become good days. Your obstacle
will be nothing but a small fence to jump over. You will become that
successful person that is waiting inside of you to come out. The
choice is yours to make. I choose to deposit positive thoughts in my
mind and be successful, how about you!

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