One day following a private Development Class, I wanted to speak to Soke Draconis, but the Soke wasn’t there yet, he was tied up at a personal Development seminar at the local school for scholars who were about to graduate and enter real life of employment. Sensei Greg let me into Soke’s office and I took a seat across from Soke’s desk. I started to have a look at his chair. I had never actually spotted it before, however it really was quite extraordinary. I start to notice that if we could sculpt our lives with that much precision and care, we may have the life that we desire in no time. Naturally there would be more variables and hindrances in the making process of our lives. But that’s where personal Development training comes into play and trains us to do so!


As I sat there, the light from the window shone across it. The chair had about it what I could only describe as an aura, a real presence. While I was in the room, I spotted that it was terribly quiet and calm. Before I knew it, I noticed myself getting extraordinarily knackered. I didn’t understand the sensation of sleep coming over me, only that the atmosphere in the building was so warm and inviting it was creating a sense of a chilled flow. It just had occasion to make you want to go to sleep. I didn’t resist. I just followed that energy. I just let go and then I had this extraordinary dream.



It was highly lucid and all was focused around me and from me. I was experiencing many feelings. Everything existed from my point of reference and all space and time were only ideas that existed at certain points of opportunity. I created those possibilities. Everything had a flow that just couldn’t sway me in any way because I was in the control center and my individual Universe was growing by big jumps. What a superb feeling. The sensation was unstoppable, but then I thought, why would anyone need to stop it? There was no need to stop it. I just experienced the vibrations, and the warm inviting rush from the experiences that came in at all points. There was no death, only concepts that can be controlled. I could hear myself thinking, Let it go, let it go, but I didn’t feel just like I was clinging on to anything, only the creative energy. I also began to sense the vibration of the fringe of my creational space. With each new thought there had been another enlargement in my Universe and borders were forever expanding. Then I began to understand that this has to be what the spirit feels like. It has no judgments or associations. It has no lower nature physical qualities. It doesn’t hate. It doesn’t feel jealousies. It doesn’t feel insufficient. I assumed it might be superb to be like that in the here and now, as we understand it. I began to feel the flowing energy of Soke Draconis enter into the room right before he woke me up.


I awoke energised and alive and I really felt as if I could conquer all things. Soke Draconis asked whether I’d had a good dream, and if it was clear in detail. I asked, How did you know I was dreaming? He explained we are always dreaming, just at different levels of collusion. He then gave me that bashful tiny smile of his, We do have more than one level of consciousness, you know! Tell me Brady what did you learn from your dream that could help you in real day to day life?


I proclaimed loudly and very proudly, I’m more expansive then I know or that I give myself credit for. My thoughts and beliefs limit me and that if I was to expand my thinking more there would be much more openings to be had for me daily. And if I make more opportunities there’ll be more possibilities for me and for others. The bigger my opportunities the bigger my chance for chances to develop for me. I’m truly restrained by my personal thinking and belief process. Whatever I believe, is done unto me. So I will look everyday to see and create opportunities into my world and thus aid in making the world a better place for others also.


Soke smiled at me and declared, Lets go have some tea!

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