How often have you had a daydream about a future you wish you were experiencing? What is the difference between that daydream and the life you are living? Fear of change often leaves us paralyzed and unable to move forward. Yet one step forward into the unknown could result in the realization of our dreams. Our own inaction is the only thing holding us back from the life we desire. Taking action is the only way to move forward changing dreams into reality.

When I stepped onto the path of change it sent a ripple out that affected many people. I had been living in a cloud of confusion for nearly five years and I was afraid to be myself. One day I awakened to find I was not the woman I had once been. I no longer pursued the interests at the core of whom I really was. As time passed, harsh circumstances locked me into a role that was destroying my soul. The day I wrote my first paragraph in ten years I felt free to be myself. As I typed each word it opened the cell door a bit more that I was locked behind. When I completed my new article I knew there was no going back and I must continue to grow and change.

Change is rarely easy and can cause those around you to feel you are abandoning them. They too, have become comfortable in their role and do not want anything to disturb their comfort zone. Change can be as simple as dressing differently or as complex as ending a long-term relationship. Many around you will believe as you move forward it will mean leaving them behind. To find your true self again this might be true.

Are you being true to yourself? Have you been conforming to the perception of you that others have created? Your dreams cannot and should not be dismissed. Take one hour each day to pursue your dream. Try it on and test the fit. See how it feels to actually live your dream. Does it make you happy? If yes, you must now decide, “Am I willing to make changes to continue on a new path?”

There will be naysayers and those who will accuse you of making waves. Some of your family and friends may try to dissuade you from achieving your dream. They may not want you to be yourself for fear they will not know what their place will be in your life. It will take courage and commitment to live your dreams and to be the person that is best for you. Doing something that is only for you may be difficult in the beginning. Recognize that what you feel is real and valid. You are worthy of following your own dream.

Nearly nine months have passed since I began to see that to be myself I must change. I took many steps backward before I could begin to see the path I must follow. In being true to myself I am now engaged to Rick London, my love and my business partner in our new SEO and Branding Company Pen and Ink Inc. I publish a weekly Love advice Column in the “Insiders” section of The Herald de Paris ( and enjoy the status as “expert author” at EzineArticles. Change is never easy but living my dreams is worth all the pain and every obstacle I had to endure to be myself.

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I am a writer, website designer, America’s Favorite Love Columnist as ranked by Google, MSN & Yahoo. I am engaged to Rick London a writer, cartoonist and brand designer, who is also an EzineArticles expert author. Together, we own the seo and branding firm Pen And Ink Inc.

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