We have all experienced one form of failure or another in our past and present live in one way or another and it stings a lot when hit be. Many get bitten by this bug and don’t get to stand up on their feet again and other do and see it as a stepping stone to greater things to come or the fall be for the victory.
The question is how have you seen failure and what have you done with the pain it has caused you??? Are you still there just lamenting in grief or agony or you are standing up as a man/woman and living up the challenges it brings in your life?

Failure is a trickster with a keen sense of irony and cunning . It takes delight in tripping one when success is almost within reach.
A man’s dogged determination , persistence in the cause of wealth that he believes when taken upon without relenting or giving up ultimately leads to great success if he keeps up without quitting.
I learned never to quit a task that I have set my mind to fulfill until I have achieved success on it, no stopping, it could just be a step away from victory, three feet away from greatness. I have wondered how many men in history have lost great invention in time because they resisted for once to give up. Our world today has lot more technological advancement and invention than discoveries and histories made if you don’t know. Would you rather be counted as history’s great to your generation or never be known all buried in the sands of failure.

I have come to realize that a man is not a failure until he totally co-operates to fail by giving up hope on himself. No man can make you a failure without your total co-operation(acceptance of defeat).
It is time to live up your life as if no one existed and mattered in your decision taking and brave up.

Riches begins with a state of mind, definiteness of purpose with little hard work. You choose were you wish to be today. The borderline of success or failure or within the atmosphere of unbreakable success. But remember, success comes to those who become success conscious and likewise failure to to those who indifferently allow themselves to become failure conscious.

I am a fun loving person who grew up in a society were you are told things are virtually hard and there is nothing much you can do to change things. Irrespective of the society i have grown to be a person of integrity who has never cared or worried about how rough my world is. The only constant thing in life is death.
Every thing that revolves around the universe is paramount to change and i have lived my life to that principle.

I knew i was born for greatness through leadership, recently i have found myself to be a leader with a mentor and servant heart. Playing vital roles in the life of individuals that has transformed their life forever is something i live up to give God Praises for his directions and guidance all through.

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