Fear of Failure! Are you feeding your fear or your faith? There is a statement that
states, What we feed will grow. If we feed on fear we will live a life
controlled by fear, if we feed on faith we will live a life in love
and in faith. Fear of failure is a deterrent that can hold you hostage and keep you from
realizing your dreams. The presence of fear  can serve as a self
destructive force. It can reduce confidence in several of your
everyday functions. There is a saying that goes, there is nothing to
fear but fear itself. This is an absolutely true statement I believe everyone has had that moment when you wanted to do something
but decided not to because of your fear.
For instance:
You Fail to start a business because fear of failure stops you.
You Fail to put your best effort into something, because you fear that
your effort will not be enough to help you succeed. Imagine if you could overcome your fear of failure and start doing things that
you really want to do, instead of accepting things that fear stops you
from doing. Would you be happier? Would you achieve more out of life?
If you want to start a business but fear of doing so, business failure
may be one of the negative images that you see. Replace that negative
image with a positive image of you succeeding in the business. Once you have conquered one of your fears, you will gain a new
positive belief that you can conquer more fears. You will be amazed at
what you can accomplish when you knock down your fears one by one.
That is when you truly enjoy your life to the fullest. Faith is the victory in overcoming fear. Faith is not always about
religion, it is more about falling prey to false thoughts.  If you
take the time to feed your mind with positive thoughts, you will be
able to conquer any challenges that life can offer. Starve your fear, feed your life and you will find that you will
become completely different all together.  Then YOU can decide which
one is better, Feeding your Fear or Feeding your Faith.

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