During a movie junket or a press conference to promote a certain movie, the director or studio producer is charged with the task of becoming a keynote speaker. They are the ones who will convey to the press and guest on what the movie is all about and who the actors playing in the movie are. They will also elaborate about some of the scenes in the movie as to where it was shot and what kind of special effect they used in order to make that certain part of a scene work. During this movie press junket it is also the duty of the keynote speaker to introduce the actors playing in the movie and who the directors and producers are, as well as mention the special effects team and the stunt team. Read below about some of the topics that a keynote speaker will use for such a film debut.

I. Movie Concepts – During movie concepts when directors and producers are hired to produce and direct the movie, a press conference is held to tell the world to look forward to the movie that is going to be made and what it is about. Mostly the keynote speakers in these press cons are the studio executives and producers who have agreed to a contract to produce and hire directors and actors to make the film possible.

II. Press Junkets – Movies hold press junkets weeks before the opening day of the film. During these press junkets, directors and or producers become keynote speakers by explaining to the press exactly what the movie is about and who the actors are. Also they will discuss as to the locations and the the overall budget of the film. Sometimes during these press junkets for movies, they show a 30 minutes to 1 hour clip of the movie to the members of the press just to give them a sneak peak if the film. During the showing the press is not allowed to carry any video recording devices or even cellular phones to avoid leaking the film to the public before its opening day.

III. Special Effects – One of the major things that a movie nowadays boasts are the breathtaking special effects that give the audience an OHHH!!! factor in order for the audience to be mesmerized by the film. Directors as keynote speakers discuss how their concepts in the directing of the film became a reality with the breathtaking special effects and computer generated images that they have incorporated into the film. They will additionally boast to the public how their computer generated images reflect the story as a whole.

IV. Awards – Movie awards are held each year to honor and to recognize great films which has been release that year. Should a film win an award, those persons honored for the award instantly become keynote speakers but only for a brief moment. They are going to simply thank those people who are responsible in making the movie happen and the writers who made the story possible.

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