While I`m writing this article near the end of the year, I do know that you could be reading it at any time – which is just fine.

These suggestions work the same in late December, mid March, early summer or while watching leaves fall.

Read this advice, and you`ll see the timing is universal.

Watch a movie . . . that tugs at your heartstrings. This may be a favorite movie you`ve seen many times, or a new one that excites you, moves you or maybe even makes you cry. Just pick one that makes you feel good as opposed to sad. When the movie is over bask in the feelings that you feel.

Think about things . . . that make you feel proud. Spend some time looking back at accomplishments large or small, private or public, that make you feel good about yourself. It will be time well-spent.

Listen to music . . . that makes you smile. You know what music this is. This is the music that makes you dance, smile and maybe brings back fantastic memories. Pop it in your CD player or fire up your iPod. Better yet, if you have an MP3 player, make a play list of all your favorites so you can listen to them back to back, anytime you want.

Talk to a friend . . . who believes in you. Spend some quality time – on a walk, over dinner or with a cup of coffee – talking with a person who is supportive of you and loves you for who you are. Enjoy the time together, listen to what they say, and thank them for being in your life.

Read a book . . . that inspires you. Whether a self-help book, inspirational poetry or a story you identify with, find a book that you will not only enjoy reading, but will also learn from.

All of these actions will create positive feelings and memories. Each helps you look back and inspires you into the future. You can use these feelings and memories to not only feel better about yourself now, but to propel you with greater energy and enthusiasm for what is coming.

Potential Pointer: Choosing actions that help you understand yourself and your world better makes you feel better about yourself. When you feel better about yourself, you take an important step towards creating a better future – for yourself and all with whom you work, live and play.

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