There is and always will be a conflict on America’s view of free speech. We all know that free speech is one of the key elements involving the development of the this nation. Its seems as though everyone is for the maintaining of free speech as long as they are the ones speaking out. We would all like to silence those opinions we don’t agree with. This is the very heart of the continuing struggle in America as it pertains to free speech. Everyone wishes their voice to be heard however when it comes time for the individual to listen their ears turn def.

Free speech is normally the enemy of higher government because it allows those who are informed to speak out against dirty politics. Governments of advanced societies such as America have developed defenses against this. Free speech is easily controlled once the government has control over the information that the public receives. If the American public doesn’t know the truth about whats is going then there will be no one to speak out against them. Now, you have to give them credit for this is no simple task. Taking control of all media sources is almost impossible. Lucky for them they don’t need all sources just an overwhelming majority.

Its almost impossible to believe that our government really could be aiming to basically brainwash the American public. It doesn’t seem as though there could be a grand scheme that we are unaware of. Even if we had undeniable proof of such a scheme I believe the majority of the people would choose to ignore it. You must understand how many things that people would have to give up. They would have to banish their Simpson TV shows and mindless video games that we all love so much. Its so much easier to drowned ones self into a sea of prim-time television and Doritos then it is to think, then have an idea, and follow through with that idea. Individuals these days refuse to do anything more than the minimum standard. They don’t wish to better themselves anymore. The majority of people now find the meaning of their life lives in a box or on a screen.

If you don’t believe that you are one of the many then I have a challenge for you. One day a week avoid all the distraction that the government owned media pipes into every corner of your life. Go one day a week without the mindless entertainment that keeps you controlled and prevents you from thinking on your own. You will discover one of two things. The first and most probable is that you would rather be a slave controlled by the media then to begin the long journey into self discovery. The second possibility is you find how much time you have wasted at the edge of a couch and become eager to make up the lost time.

The question then becomes what will your first project be. Remember to exercise the mind and body equally. Get satisfaction out of life and strive to help others!

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