Early in the 1950’s sales people had to travel hundreds of miles, going from door to door to sell their products. With the rapid advancement technology, times have changed and brought with them new techniques of selling a product. Today all you require to sell a product is – a phone and a script. Below are some communication tips to help you make good sales cold calls.

The concept of Cold Calling is the process of approaching prospective customers or clients, typically via telephone. The word ‘cold’ is used here since the person you are calling is not expecting your call or has not specifically asked to be contacted by you. In short, they were not expecting any form of interaction with a sales person at the time.

Here are a few tips:

i) First and foremost have implicit information about the product you are selling. Customers tend to ask details and if you falter anywhere during the description of the product, customer tend to become evasive.

ii) Before you call your customer have a loose script ready. A script meaning a general flow of conversation that you must maintain while talking to a customer. Talk to the customer as a genuine human being who is concerned about their welfare and can be trusted. Don’t be afraid to pause and think for a few moments if they ask something beyond your sales scope.

iii) If you are calling a regular customer, remember their likes and dislikes. It makes you sound concerned and helpful.

iv) Making the Call. Keep a positive attitude and start with a strong ‘Hello’. Put some effort into it; feel free to make a light joke or a side comment if it can be done so naturally. Even if you don’t like what you are doing/selling, you have to behave like you do. If the customer sees that you are impressed by your own product, then why should they be enthusiastic about buying it?

v) Don’t rush to give out your product details. When describing the product or service you are offering, try to approach the customer from their point of view. If successful, the customer will most likely try to see the goodness of the product from your point of view.

vi) You have to convince them that you aren’t selling anything; you are just offering them the product details with no pressure on them to buy a thing. For example, if you are trying to sell a laptop, you have to tell them exactly why they should buy your laptop and explain the benefits of your laptop at the cost you offer.

vii) Ending the call. Know when to close the sale and end the call. Conversely, you must also know when battle is lost, and accept defeat.

viii) The Golden Rule: Never Argue With The Customer!

You must always believe in the product you’re selling, and trust yourself in selling it effectively. Ask yourself, “Would I really buy this?” If the answer is no, then convince yourself. If you can’t convince yourself, you can forget about convincing the customer. Finally, always keep in mind, that the secret to making good sales cold calls lies not only in the unique selling proposition of the product but also in the persuasive powers of the caller!

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