Great Famous What are the most famous people in history? The key to know and becoming famous is understanding that there are no less than five key giants. The main key famous greats are all those who have built the upper reaches of divine wisdom. Jesus Christ, Lord Buddha, Krishna, Mohammad, and Babaji-all the source of divinity. Why is it that these great famous souls became so big? There are five reasons. 1. These great famous souls became master of Kriya and Yoga. 2. These greats witnessed their Soul, became masters, icons and immortals of divine missions to serve humanity and God. 3. Each of these masters also became higher than themselves through unlocking hidden siddhis (spiritual powers) 4. Each mastered the higher reaches of jnana which is divine wisdom and understanding of God, the cosmos, and what your reality truly is. 5. Each also mastered three additional things a. Yoga Samadhi b. Higher realization (chakras, siddhis, and metaphysics-how the mind interacts with matter) c. Unchained themselves from the cosmic play Because of becoming witness of their soul, which is God, then becoming the Soul these great famous men became immortalized not only in history, but spirit. There are ways that one can witness their soul. Of the many there are three important ways to develop self or God realization. Three of these ways (the most important) are Yoga, alchemistry, and divine work. Something which also should be understood is that becoming great famous as well as immortal, brings with it additional demands. If you understand that there is work, and you still wish to be as giant as these five, pray to God Almighty asking for a role this life to be able to transmit wisdom and information which will help masses become divine. Through this you will learn the keys to become great famous, divine, and full of heart towards humanity and God.

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