Self esteem is defined as the way people perceive themselves, or rather, how they gauge their self worth. This “self perception” includes how they perceive their emotions, beliefs, and feelings at any one given time. It has a direct impact on the way people think, feel, and interact amongst other people, and the choices they make are also directly linked to the level of self esteem they have at that particular point in time.

So it is definitely important that we know the underlying factors that may affect our level of self esteem. Low self esteem has become a prevalent problem in modern times, especially considering our busy schedules and the state of the world as we know it. But the factors that affect self esteem may be different for each individual. As we move through the various stages in our lives we may experience different stresses, different situations that may cause the level of our self esteem to alter. This level of self esteem is often affected by the relationships we have with other people, because it is only natural for us that we want ourselves to be valued in the eyes of others.

Let’s face it, how many of us are guilty of comparing ourselves with others? Whether it’s in terms of success or even just how slim the other person is, we may have envied another person enough to become negative to ourselves. Some people obsess over this, and eventually fall into a state of depression as they berate themselves for not being successful enough, thin enough, smart enough, loved enough, etc.

If you are guilty of this, then here’s a suggestion: STOP!

You are special in your own way, you have abilities and traits that make you unique, and you don’t have to be someone else just to feel good.

Learn to love yourself, and you will soon see that it’s quite alright that you’re not the person you admire or envy. Personal success comes differently for each individual. However, before you can think of achieving that personal success, it is important for you to know how to build your self esteem so you can have the confidence to go after the success that you crave.

How do you build your self esteem then?

Remember the word “self” in self esteem. It is all about YOU. Forget about what others perceive of you; if you want to be more confident, you need to change the way you perceive yourself. Self esteem comes from within, not without, so while it may be difficult for you to change your self perspective over night, you can however take small baby steps to get yourself in the right direction, and eventually you will become a more confident person as you build an impenetrable sense of self worth.

You need to eliminate self doubt and all self destructive beliefs. Doubting yourself will get you nowhere, in fact it will only limit your chances of success. Take criticism in stride, and shrug off anything you may feel to be negative or derogatory. Be assertive in the way you accept criticism, thank the one who may critique you in a negative way, and then brush off the negativity. Keep yourself physically and mentally fit. With a sound mind and body, it would be easier for you to feel good about yourself. Exude confidence even if you don’t feel like it on any given day. Take care of yourself and set aside some time just for yourself so you can get a clear head when you need it.

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