You are probably looking for some way to stop being such a nerd and get yourself a chick after all this time. Well, my friend, you have come to the right place. Get yourself a cup of coffee and read on because I will tell you what GuyGetsGirl by Tiffany Taylor did for Rich.

Rich had three major pains when it came to his dating life (or better yet – the lack of it). The first one was that he hated being alone and he had to date uglier chicks. The second one was that he was absolutely petrified when he had to approach a beautiful woman. And the third and classical one – why did all the jerks get all the beautiful women?

Rich lived in a small apartment and right after work he went there and sat in front of his computer for hours. Basically that was his love life. From time to time he had a date. I am not sure if the computer or his dates were worse. He actually lowered his standards just to get a date with the more “approachable” chicks.
One of Rich’s greatest fears was approaching women, especially the pretty ones. He was absolutely stunned when he had to speak to them. Sometimes it happened that a pretty chick would say “Hi” to him and he couldn’t even say “Hi” back. This is how scared he was.
The third one is the classical one. This happened to all of us. Why did all the jerks get all the beautiful women? They did not even respect the girls and most of all they are no Brad Pitts. Yet again the chicks were magically attracted to them. Have they lost their minds?

You see, Rich’s situation is not a pretty one. The sad thing is that this happens a lot. First, you are sick of being alone with your only friends – your hands. Secondly, you do not know how to approach a beautiful girl so you miss your chance. And thirdly you sit there and wonder what these jerks have that women find so attractive.

Well, Rich was sick of all this and he stumbled upon a book which actually opened his eyes to what attraction was actually. He did not become Hugh Heffner or date 5 girls at a time but this is how he met his girl. Yes, he is a one-girl man. Now he is much confident and best of all he didn’t have to become a jerk.

If you are looking to find the real truth about what attraction is you might find the GuyGetsGirl by Tiffany Taylor to be the only read you need. Visit her website at and check if that is the thing you are looking for.

Renee has been an administrative assistent for 5 years until she became a real work-at-home girl and enjoys her freedom.She loves to write and has published dozens of articles online. Currently she is working on her first book.
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