Happiness is a habitcultivate it.” – Elbert Hybbard

In today’s fast and challenging world, every day we are facing demanding and stressful situations both at work and at home. In the workplace we are facing a lot of competition; our targets are getting extended and are becoming more and more unreachable. We are stretching ourselves too far to achieve the unachievable. At home it is getting more and more challenging to bring up children and meet their growing demands of education and skill enhancement. In this rat race we have completely forgotten and left behind HAPPINESS. I should say we have forgotten to be happy.

I am a firm believer of the above saying and I have experienced it personally that unless one goes after happiness just as one goes after achieving targets mentioned above, one cannot seek happiness. We always have a choice when it comes to thoughts, whether to follows the positive thoughts or the negative thoughts. In my opinion if we want true happiness then, we need to choose to think positively and develop an attitude to be happy. I am sure every one of us is faced with lot of negativity in life when there are many challenging tasks ahead which seem undoable and at this point in time keeping fresh, positive ideas in mind is too difficult. However this can be slowly achieved if we decide for ourselves that “I am not going to get bogged down or beaten by pessimism” and I choose to think positive, and believe me this will automatically lead to happiness.

Also medically it has been proven that having or maintaining a state of mind that is happy enhances positive energy and also improves the general health of the person. Furthermore, happy and positive thoughts inundate the body with the most needed hormones. I strongly advocate this policy of being happy, during difficult times if not for any other reason it may help you to look at alternatives and see opportunities even in your worst days.

I, for one, have taken this as a necessary attribute to keep going and face all challenges in life. This gives a more brave approach towards life and you are then able to cross the bridge when you come to it”.

To conclude, just as “like begets like”, happiness begets more happiness, greatly enhances the feel good factor and believe me it is like an addiction and you will always strive to be happy even in your worst days. In my opinion this is some kind of an asset that needs to be protected and wearing a happy attitude will only enhance the value of this asset day- by – day.

I am Rengan Jayakrishnan – JK. I am a Sales Professional and I stroingly believe that I have this attribute to motivate and lead people

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