Wouldn’t it be great if there were a magic formula you could follow to know what actions to take, and when, so that you could always get the best results in every project or business you focus on?

There really isn’t a cookie cutter, step-by-step plan that you can use to prioritize action steps. However, there is a way to determine the highest pay off actions you personally should take. I’m going to use the example of growing a business to demonstrate my process for choosing actions that pay off.

Decide your desired outcome. I always create a one-year plan for my business, but then I break down more detailed actions for each quarter. This quarter my focus is to get all of my marketing materials done for two upcoming teleseminars, a live event and for a complimentary cd I will be offering on my website. I want things to be done several weeks before necessary deadlines so that my team isn’t scrambling at the last minute and I can spend more time with my new baby.
Know what gives you peace. While being productive and monetizing a business are very important, being stressed out to get there should never be allowed. Take time to make boundaries and create practices for your workdays that will give you a sense of peace. A peaceful mind is a creative mind that will produce amazing ideas, solutions and strategies. A peaceful person has few health, people and money dramas in their life.
Make a monthly and weekly plan for action. Strategically choose your TOP three desired outcomes for each month that will support your quarterly plan. Obviously some items will come before others due to timing issues. So evaluate those first. I had to create my schedule of seminars before I could calendar out my marketing plan. Other outcomes should be based on your level of enthusiasm. While it doesn’t sound very strategic to choose high pay actions this way, in the long run you’ll profit. If you’re excited about it, you’ll complete it and your confidence level will rise. This always produces growth in a business.
Make a daily plan that includes strategical and peace-making actions. I’m a huge of fan of planning a day that includes no more than six to eight action items. I never start my day without writing down my top six. How can you be on purpose and focus if you haven’t deliberately chosen what will set you up to win?

My daily plan always includes my three top peace making actions: yoga, walk and rampage of appreciation. While the typical CEO may not consider these high payoff actions, I would fully disagree. Because I take care of my emotional state, every strategical thing I do in my company yields me better and bigger results. I don’t experience chaos or last minute dramas during my workdays. I am able to complete projects in minutes rather than hours. I have access to my Inner Business Expert at all times because I am in the flow.

I usually get several additional action items done with ease as a result of the way I choose my high payoff actions.
Never let what didn’t get done be your cause for angst. Trust that the items you choose to accomplish each day are the ideal ones to grow your business. The rest must be released from your mind. You have to give yourself the space to be present to whatever actions you are doing. You can’t do it all, so don’t even try. Guilt and pressure have never been an ideal way to motivate anyone so why would you play into that?
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