Often personal development and goal setting can seem like they are totally different things. It may seem like personal development is for growth, while goal setting deals with your material goals. As you read this article, you will discover how goal setting and personal development go hand in hand with goal setting to make your goals reality.

Whatsoever you desire, you can achieve. So, you set along a path of setting a goal, and then taking action.

As you continue, you discover something. That something is growth and learning. After all, it is likely that you will set long term goals, for goals which you have never achieved before.

The key then becomes growth and personal development. Personal development is an essential component because it is about developing you and goal setting because you have a destination in mind.

An example is perhaps important to show how this can apply practically. Let’s say for example you intend to start a business. You may have never started a business before, and now you are about to start.

If your goal is to become financially free, for example make a million dollars in that business, then you will see that development is needed. You can not earn a million dollars until you develop yourself.

This looks like when you learn how to drive. There is a need to develop yourself, and grow. You need to do things in a different way, and need to focus on new things. Unlike a passenger, you need to stay focused not only on the road, but also what is going on outside of your vehicle, and not to mention also having to drive!

Goal setting is a process, and it can easily catch us out. We can get stuck in thinking that goal setting is all we need. That having a goal will allow you to find a way. Though this is true, it is not always so in practice.

Imagine public speaking, a singer or anyone that has to perform to a big crowd. We know that public speaking is not the easiest subject to perform. In fact many people would rather die than speak on stage!

Personal development then becomes an essential factor in any person, who is looking to get on stage and communicate with possible 1000’s of people. Likewise the goals you set will likely need a change of some kind.

This change, this personal development is fully possible. And now we find why personal development life coaches often speak about goal setting. You can’t develop yourself without having a set goal.

A great way to follow through is to apply. And the application is very easy. All it requires is having that goal set before you do anything. Whether that is reading a book, going to a seminar or trying to become a world class athlete – first set the goal, and then take the action.

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