What area of Personal Development Does it Take to be a World Class Leader in Network Marketing?

Undoubtedly, Most people have observed the plethora of people professing “leadership qualities” on the Internet today. Haven’t you? It seems anyone in multilevel marketing can claim to be a leader if they have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and can post wise quotes from known and recognized personal development leaders of the past 50 years. But what does it take to be a world class leader?

Having been on the front edge of some very large multilevel organizations over the past 30 years I learned a few concepts that can make it possible to develop world class leadership skills.

One of the important concepts I believe is imperative to learn and implement can be summed up in the phrases, “Go with the Flow” “Meet People where they are” and “Lead people, don’t make people.”

What do I mean by these phrases?

Simply this.  In network marketing You are trying to be a leader of people in a very UNSTRUCTERED organization, so you cannot MAKE people do as you want, you must give them a reason to want to do as you want. So, simply, “go with the flow”…work with people were they are and gradually give them reasons to adapt your methods of performing. In other words ….be flexible! It may be in your best interest to wait a while to put your agenda into place, instead working with them, evaluating their method as fast as possible and Lead them to do what you are professing.


So, to be a good to great leader, first be flexible, and skillfully lead them to your agenda by earning their respect for your position.

Another Observation I Have Made

In networking Skill number one, flexibility, carries over to skill number two. Instead of saying, “This is how we are going to do it” say something like this, “this is what we are dealing with and I suggest we do this …what do you think?” This will cause the other person(s) to lean forward (in sales talk) and buy in to what you are suggesting.  Of course, your “suggestion” will be one founded in success principals of years based on the fact you also went through this process, right? If you haven’t then you should.

And Finally, an Important Concept to Implement

Network marketing, as a whole, responds to a higher purpose. Usually, those involved are truly wanting to improve themselves. So, a real clue in multilevel marketing is “There must be a higher CAUSE.” You are intensely desiring cohesiveness in your team, if you are a leader. You have to deal with them on an individual basis in order to get each person on the path of personal growth. BUT, you want the whole team moving forward in order to create that unstoppable force! So as you work with the individuals instill in each one of the the concept of “the higher cause.” Expound on your desire for the team to be the ones that everyone looks up to because of the results experienced by each member growing in status, whether it be in income, personal accolades of achievement, or company awards, etc. This is where the concept “When YOUR business moves from your head to your Heart” is truly reflected.

What does that mean, you ask? Simple, focus on the achievement and accomplishment of others so you can achieve and accomplish your own desires. Or simply put by Zig Ziglar, “If you help enough other people get what they want , you can’t but help get what you want!”

When you grow enough to implement these three concepts, you are on the path to becoming a world class leader.

Coach Ron

Hi! My name is Ron Forrester, and I have been in the work from home business profession for 30 years, 27 of them full time as my sole source of income.My commute is 23 steps, every day, and I sleep till I’m done before I take those steps!
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