Hi.The best part of being able to write to you all is that now; THE Customer Has A Voice.

First a bit about me. I have read over 2000 books. Never had a full time job, never been employed 9 to 5. So I’ve  had to turn to books to educate myself about money…. About life. I have read about other issues too but my main area have been about money:
How to make it, how to save it, how to invest it. How to keep it.

But reading books is not enough. Reading must be followed by ACTION.

And this is why the majority fail. The majority do not follow through. They do not take ACTION on what they have learned.
By taking action you learn a valuable lesson.

‘There is no such thing as failure as long as you learn from it.’- Tony Robbins

 I have taken action and learned some valuable lessons. Lessons I intend to pass on to you.

There is much hype on the internet. Here and in future writings you will learn the street smart guide to life. You will learn:
Why internet models such as ebay and amazon book selling will never make you rich.
Why affiliate programs will never make you wealthy
Why financial survival IS ALL. Why you should treat financial survival the same as going out to war. The more money you have the freer you will be.

But you must educate yourself about money. How to make it: How to keep it

Gambling systems: The real winners in this game are the bookies. So you must only take a gamble when:

1)The odds are very much in your favor.
2)When you have the potential of winning big; meaning you win such an amount that it changes your life Forever.
( I am not talking here about horse racing systems or casinos)

Why the battle for financial survival could ultimately mean leaving your native country.

But it’s not just about money. It’s also about lifestyle. What life do you want to live? What stories do you want to tell to your Grandchildren?
To live a life of true freedom and happiness the following are closely linked;

Creating wealth
Maintaining your health
Finding a compatible partner
Learning a foreign language

You will learn;

Why today it is more important that any other time in history to choose a compatible partner. Getting this wrong has cost some men their lives.
Why 95% of diet / weight loss programs are plain wrong.
Why most language courses do not deliver what they preach. You will learn about the few that work, why they work.
For more information go to http://www.thewisecat.webs.com

Ultimately life Is A Gamble; With Financial Survival Being The Main Goal.

The majority, ‘The Crowd’ (as termed in in the book of the same title by Gustave Le Bon 1896) have no chance of financial freedom. Why? Here’s why:

They are stuck in jobs they hate.
They are sinking with bad debts so they can’t quit their dead end jobs and try something else.
They are lumbered with child maintainence payments so they can’t save enough to start a life elsewhere.
They are suffering with ill health from the stress of it all.

What advice would you give to a person in this position?

Carlton Jeremy is publisher of several manuals, speaks several languages, he speaks from experiences. For more details of his works visit http://www.thewisecat.webs.com

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