In matters relating to the mind, not everything can be subjected to scientific examination. Self esteem and confidence are about having a belief, a faith in our own ability confidence is a trait that is discovered, developed and then shared with others. The greatest disservice a person can do to himself to feel inferior before any man. You should always bear in mind that no one can look down on you with out your permission.


Self-esteem is about how you value and appreciate yourself and this value can be attributed to our self image. However confidence is not about thinking that you are in any way better than others. It is  a belief in your attributes and sufficient faith to put those attributes into action.


Do not use your achievement or non-achievement to define your level of success. It is a mistake to use your past experience or status to define who you are. Unfortunately, some words  certain people spoke to us have been lodged deep in our hearts and we have unwisely allow those words to control our livers.


A high self-esteem is a vital ingredient in what  we call “Success” the way you fill

about yourself has an effect upon the way you feel about others.


Those who exude high self-esteem and confidence attract people to themselves. Your behavior is affected by your self image.


To develop high self-esteem, an individual must learn how to become self-reliant and confidence in their ability, not only to cope, but to excel at whatever it is they wish to achieve. It is the ability to be assertive where necessary. It is about being whom we believe we are.


When you harness your self-esteem, your confidence will naturally follow. It is a known fact that the power of the human mind has the ability to make people better and by extension has the capability to dramatically improve self-esteem and confidence. Self-esteem and confidence, when acquired should be practiced regularly and reinforced. Self image is the inner picture you have of yourself, from self image we have self-esteem, which is how you feel about yourself. Then we have ‘self-respect’ which describes how you treat yourself. The sum total of all these is confidence.


Your self-image will always control your behavior, you will never attempts to get anything that you feel the person inside you is not qualified to get.


Do not use your poor appearance to determine your value, because we tend to feel inferior in the presence of someone who has better clothes than we do, or who have achieved something more than we have. On your inside you have as much as they have; only that you are in the process of converting your success to it material equivalent.  No. 1 Site for Jobs, Jobseekers, Employment and Career                           
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