Wanting is the one hard wired human condition that will not go away. We want to be warm, we want to be fed, we want to be loved, we want so many things. And then after those basic wants are fulfilled, we want to be happy and successful, in whatever way success is defined for each of us. Given that truth, it might work the best for us, to learn how to develop a relationship to wanting that works for us as a foundation for our success.

            What would a relationship like that look like? It would be one that on a continual, day by day, basis, causes us to shift our energy from, to. From any and all habits and practices that we have learned up to this point, that are energy drains away from focusing on our goals. Goals that the achieving of represent the fulfillment of our wants. And as well, a relationship that causes us to devote our energy to that fulfillment. What foundational relationship would cause us to do this shifting? It would be one that would support us in all aspects necessary for our success, a solid, carefully built foundation, that is laid out for us step by step, because like all relationships, a foundational relationship of success has to be built over time. Let’s look at it as if we were building a house, because in truth, once our new relationship to wanting is begun, the end result is that the place we create through our efforts will be the house we live in. The practical and literal place that in all our new endeavors, we will be, as they say, coming from. We will in this case, be coming from being successful.

            How do we begin building the foundation for this place of success we will be coming from? We build it by first assessing the site we are going to build our home upon. That would be the ground work, to take an honest look at the literal land we own. What does your current emotional landscape, your feeling places, the way you react and act impulsively without thinking about it, look like right now? What is your habitual climate? If it’s extremely cold, or is buffeted on a habitual basis with hurricane winds, then maybe that’s not the best place to lay the foundation for the new house you are going to be living in. This is the importance of assessing where you are currently at, regarding the decision as to where to lay the foundation for your new home built for success. How then, do we warm up that site and cause the wind to abate? We do this through commitment. Since that emotional landscape is ours, we own it, we have to commit to doing whatever it takes to prepare it so that it will be more friendly to our plans. To be more friendly to us.

            This preparation in the online seminar I do with people is called abundance acclimation. It’s the preparation for the building of their foundation for success. There are many methods, means, processes, procedures, tools, and techniques, that have to be used in linear order, in order for their new foundation for success to be built in a way that it then becomes permanent. Concrete things to be, to do, and to have, that are all meticulously outlined for them, so that they can follow the plans, and indeed be successful, in whatever way they desire to be successful in. There is no mystery to this construction, only step by step things to be, do, and have, one by one, with the end result being a profound shift in the way they relate to themselves, and how they are, that then causes them more and more and more, to make those choices and take those actions, that all lead to their success.

            Once these concrete actions are poured, the begin to solidify into day by day results that all add up. Results of new ways of thinking, results of new feelings, and results of new habitual actions. In this way, brick by brick, as each brick is put into place, a strong foundation begins to be built. When you are building a house, you don’t rush out to put on the roof before you have the whole home nearly built, now do you? Why then, do we come to our success strategies, expecting to do that? Why do we expect to be protected from the elements, just as soon as we begin our new practices. The point is, we aren’t! If it’s raining, we need to protect our building site. Those internal storms and the cold will still be there for a while as work on our new site, and we have to be practical about our approach to those elements. If we ignore our frustration or anger, and act as if they just won’t be there now we are on our journey to success, then the least wind, or the slightest cold weather will catch us unprepared. This is why we make our assessments of site conditions, and in that evaluation, determine what means and methods will work for us, so that we don’t get caught off-guard with unreasonable expectations for what will happen when the elements still pummel us as we are building. When you build your foundation, if it’s really cold, you put anti-freeze in the concrete, if it’s really windy, you reinforce your walls with bracing as you go along. It’s logical, and we do this without question when we are building our houses, so why not when we are building our internal foundations as well?

            If you think about it thoroughly, and relate to your new emotional landscape, as well as all the other details necessary to be put into place so that your new foundation site will be properly prepared for the building of your foundation of success, the taking of careful steps, one by one, as we go along, makes perfect sense. This realization causes us to have expectations in alignment with what we are willing to have show up at any one time as manifestations of our success. And it’s that internal willingness that determines what shows up for us, not any outside force that ever says, “Yes, you can,” or “No, you can’t.” We determine exactly what materials we will use, and how we will use them. We are the builders, after all! When we are building, we look at each brick, and throw out the ones that are cracked or damaged in any way. The same with our emotional landscape. If we are certain a particular reaction, or habitual action, will weaken our foundation, we throw it out. We do this by choosing, moment by moment, day by day, just as in each moment as we are building our homes, we make the same choices. We aren’t shocked or surprised when we find a cracked brick, we don’t get upset and deny it’s there, we simply work with exactly what it is. It’s not personal to us that it was cracked, we simply make the decision not to use it! The same with what materials we find available at any one time for our internal foundation for success! Every day presents us with the raw materials for our foundation, and every day we choose, either by choice, or default, which ones we then build with.

            These concrete metaphors for the building of our foundation for success, also relate to every other detail that is required to be built in order for our new internal homes to go up. There are procedures for success to follow that are carefully presented in the thirty weeks of the seminar I do, so that the choice to use them or not is presented over and over again. The choices for solid building materials come in so many workable forms, colors, shapes, and sizes, that it’s simply up to the builder to follow the plan they have outlined for themselves, and choose those ones which best fulfill their plan. With the support of his engineering experience, it’s up to the building site manager to coach the builder to choose strong ones, ones that will last, and ones that will support the building going up. The building site manager is also responsible for cleaning up the site so that the builder can do his work. Ultimately, as the builder, it’s up to you to decide what plan to follow, and the coaching simply supports you in building the strongest foundation possible. In all cases, it is you who decides what your foundation for success will be built of, look like, and work to accomplish. My work is to simply calm the elements down so that you can get that work done in the first place! It’s amazing how much work you can get done in a short time, once the storms subside a bit!

 Any one of us can build a foundation for success that will support us over time, and so, for the rest of our lives. There is every reason to have faith, that once our foundation for success is built, that it will last for as long as we need it to. And the beautiful part of building up our foundation for success is that once we learn how to build it, those skills will be with us for the building of any new foundation we require, as we grow, and need more space, and so have to lay the groundwork for the larger foundations we will need in our ever growing successful futures! Here’s to your foundational success! 



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