(Author’s Note:  This is a follow-up to an earlier article “A Personal Reflection – Musings on Passion and Obsession,” published at ArticlesBase on November 8, 2009.)

Find your passion in life and make it your obsession.”

— Eric V. Brown, Chairman of the Board and President, The Homeland Security Foundation of America (HFSA), in the fall 2009 edition of Awareness, the journal of public safety studies in America.  Mr. Brown contends that obsession can be a positive driver.  In the case of HSFA, such an obsession has driver volunteers and other patriots to do good things.

Passion, in this context, is generally thought of as a strong,overpowering or compelling interest or desire.  Obsession is the fact of being even stronger in this interest or desire.  Some may never find their passion; consequently they are never able to fully utilize their obsession.

The path to finding your passion is a healthy ind that will develop your interest,  You must find a channel that is stronger and will fulfill your desires. It must completely force other items from thought.  In a short time, the underlying force takes over and then you have your obsession.

There are no short paths to finding your obession.

So how do you your passion and make it your obsession?  Here’s some advice.

Brainstorm and Reflect

Ask yourself questions like these:

— What do I most love to do?

— What do I do that doesn’t seem like work?

— In my efforts, what produces the highest rates of abundance and satisfaction?

— What are my unique abilities?

— What makes me feel good?

— What makes me feel successful?

These questions are directed to your inner self and may give you true reflection of passion. This will then produce obsession.

Let Your Heart Lead You

The brain is reason.  Your heart is love. The brain keeps us in-line; keeps us on the practical path.  It keeps us from doing stupid things.  It tells us not to make mistakes.  You brain will say “You can’t.”

The heart though, will say “Yes, you can.”  To find your passion, you must find what you love.  Search your heart to find what you love doing.  Then make it your passion and turn it into your obsession.

    Look Internally at Your Soul

    Your soul is your non-body make-up.  Let your soul guide you to your passion.  Your soul and this internal look will help you find what gives you peace, love, happiness and a drive to become successful.  Then you have found your obession.


    Having a foundation is spirituality helps you realize that our lives are often one of excess.  Supporting such a life style may be keeping you from doing what you really love.  Pray, be founded in spirituality.  This will help you to realize what is really important in life; what is really necessary in life.  This can lead you to your passion and your obsession.

    “It is important that you do only what you love to do.  You may be poor, you may go hungry, you may live in a shabby place, but you will totally live.  And at the end of your days, you will bless your life because you have done what you came here to do.”

    — Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

    Jim Yoakum is an accomplished executive leader with over 25 years of diversified (financial services, insurance, manufacturing, non-profit/tax exempt organizations, consulting and governmental) experience in risk management, internal control, regulatory affairs, operations and systems, law, compliance and taxation/accounting. He has many successes achieved in managing the creation of new or changing/evolving functions and managing projects/programs in resolution of significant issues. Jim has strong project/program management skills, using an inherent logical thought process honed by many years of technical training, were germane to these successes. He possesses the ability to manage human resources in a changing environment with passion, creativity, results-orientation and self-motivation. Jim is resilience, acts with decisiveness and to foster/adapt to change and new environments. Most importantly, Jim never wants to stop learning; never to stop helping others. As an accomplished author, poet and mentor, he continues to develop and educate by sharing his business and life experiences through writing, mentoring, speaking and networking.

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