How to improve visualization

How to improve visualization? What are the steps to successful creative visualization? How can I make visualization work for me?

Before I answer these questions, we have to know what visualization is. Visualization is a technique that is used to overcome the barriers that we place on ourselves. It is a tool that will help us achieve our goals in life.

Let’s say you want to attract a harmonious and loving relationship and find your dream partner. However, since your history is filled with relationships that didn’t last, you are having a hard time seeing yourself in a peaceful relationship. Using creative visualization in this case is very useful to help you overcome the limiting beliefs and the barriers you have placed upon yourself.

The power of visualization can change your life for ever. In my previous article “Does visualization really work” I mentioned how I achieved many goals in life with the aid of creative visualization. Now, I will mention some ways that will help you improve your visualization so you can achieve great results in your life.

How to improve visualization


If your goal is to learn how to improve creative visualization and make it work for you, then follow the steps below:

1.  Know what you want to achieve

Decide on a clear goal that you would like to visualize. It could be harmonious relationship, a new job, a new business, improved health, more money, or anything else your heart desires.

Being specific is very crucial in this process, otherwise you would be sending out unclear messages and you will most likely not achieve what you desire.

2.  Create a clear picture

Now that you know what you want to achieve, it is time to start picturing what you want. See yourself in the loving relationship with your partner. See yourself having that successful business. See your self having the extra money that you desire.

As I mentioned in my book “the ultimate guide to achieve your goals” that when you visualize, your image has to be clear in your mind, otherwise you would be sending unclear messages to your subconscious mind.

3.  Concentrate on your goal frequently

Now you need to focus on your vision often. I personally love to take a few minutes several times a day and focus on what I want to achieve. The subconscious mind gets programmed by repetition, so the more you focus on what you desire and visualize your goal, the faster your subconscious mind begins to accept these images that you project.

When I focus on my goal, I imagine the end result and how I will be thinking, feeling, and behaving. This gives me the motivation not to give up when I come across an obstacle.

As Charles Allen said, “Visualize, ‘prayerize’, ‘actionize’, and your wishes will come true.”

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