You have probably heard of this huge word ‘Gratitude’ a millions of times but maybe felt like me at times that it must be just a big ra ra and didn’t really have an effect on our lives. Boy was I wrong when I started to look into this a bit more……

The first thing we have to understand that it is a Choice or a Decision to be grateful. We can choose to live and go through life and just take on the things that happen on a daily basis and make the best out of them or we can look at them closer and try to find something to feel grateful for about it.

Yes it is easy to feel grateful when positive things happen and everything is running smoothly but we have to look at those situations which are negative and feel like we have no control over them.
It can be challenging to see the positive in a bad and negative situation and we don’t have to do it right then and there when it happens but actually taking time out at the end of the day and going through what happened and looking for the part what we can take from that situation and can feel grateful for is what it’s all about.

There is always a positive and a negative side!

“Any idiot can figure out what’s wrong with something, but it take a fair amount of intelligence to actually see what’s right with something.”

So what is ‘Gratitude’ really all about?

It’s pretty simple really…..What we focus on we get more of!

When we switch our focus to see it from a point of gratitude, we will find more and more things we can be grateful for.

This can be challenging in a negative situation but still possible when all emotions have passed and we are able to sit down and go through the situation once again.
There is always a positive side to something negative!

Sometimes we need adversity to break through barriers and it does give us the key to to things we otherwise wouldn’t find and see.
Best learning in life arise after a challenging situation. Being grateful for even the negative in life, opens our mind to see the bigger picture with the smaller details.

We have to understand that we as human beings need experiences to learn! And that means negative and positive experiences equally.
Accept where you are in life, for it to be the seed to grow and find the way to guide us towards our true goal.

Once you start practicing gratitude you become the cause of your life as you constantly look for and will find evidence that you are on the right track. Until you do, you have the choice to correct you direction in life until you find that small evidence.

Celebrating all wins, doesn’t matter how small they seem, will attract more of what we want into our life.
Little evidences will outshine the sometimes challenging search!

Determination on always looking up and what we can be grateful for on a daily basis will illuminate the important steps we need to make to move forward.

By refusing to look into every situation and your life to find all the things you can be grateful for will rob you of your chance to create more of what you truly want and enjoy.

So where do we start?
You can always start simply just by making a list of the things to take for granted and think about what your life would be like without those things. For example: running water, clean air to breathe, electricity etc.

Practicing ‘Gratitude’ can be as easy as saying ‘Thank you’.

By doing this little exercise regularly you will realize that your focus will shift and you will start to see more of what you like, receive more of what you desire and actually fell good about your life and yourself as you will see the positive in even the negative situations which will help in dealing with everyday life much easier and actually enjoy life.

So what are You being grateful for today?

by Rita SchwarczPersonal Development Business
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