Weclome to my first eBook..
“The 4 SECRETS To Writing eBooks…No one tells you!”

Firstly my thanks to my fellow Alex Jeffreys students that have been inspiring me to get this done, especially Dean Holland, Garry Parkes, Gary Simpson and Coleen Cook and of course Alex himself who has been forever the optimist about everything…you were right!

And of course thank you and an apology to my beautiful wife who has had to put up with me being a stick in the mud… she said a pain in the butt!…for the last couple of weeks writing and then putting the eBook and the free gifts package together. In my defence all I can say is that I was learning…and we all know that men struggle to multi-task!

The eBook is about what you don’t here on how to communicate to people.

There is plenty of information out there about how you should research subjects, etc. so this is what the eBook is not about.

eBooks are or should be about communication, which is about hooking people’s interest and attention and then talking “to them” NOT “at them”, “working with them to understand” NOT “doing something to them”. The eBook gives you the steps..the 4 SECRET steps…on how to use this for writing eBooks and being the author of choice…that just knows how to talk to people and connect!

I like to look at it this way, there are:

* 4 Ways People See Things: “See to Hear”; “Hear to See”; “Think to See”; “Feel to See”
* 4 Ways People Learn: Innovative; Analytic; Common Sense; Dynamic Learners
* 4 Secret Steps: You have to read the eBook for this one…but luckily its FREE!

I have had a lot of fun putting this eBook together and there are a lot of insights in it…I am sure you will be finding yourself saying…Aaah..no wonder, that’s why I do that..and more improtantly..that’s why they react that way!.

I have also included some FREE GIFTS from Me to You…so that you too can get started straight away in writing and publishing your own eBook…

To get my eBook FREE just fill in your details and click the button and I’ll send you a copy…I am sure you will have a good chuckle as well.

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Best wishes

Paul Mracek