What can the human mind do to contribute to the power of success?  The
human mind is an amazing thing. It is just like a sponge, what ever
you think about it will soak up, just like a sponge soaks up water.
Continue thinking the same thoughts over and over and it will soon
become true.  If you think nothing but negative thoughts, I am not
smart enough to achieve success, your mind will start to believe it
and you will not be a success.  But the reverse is also true, think, I
am a success. Your mind will start to believe that and you will start
doing things that will make you a success. A great book by Earl Nightingale talks about if you continue to think
about nothing, you will eventually become nothing.  People are always
blaming others and circumstances for what they have become.  They need
to start realizing that they are the one that made the decision for
where they are and start accepting it.  When you start accepting your
mistakes the door will open and success will be in your reach. We become what we most think about.  If we have no goals, if we are
stressed out, our thoughts are of worry and anxiety.  Therefore our
life becomes nothing but worry and anxiety. So why do our thoughts
work this way? Because of what we plant in our minds. We plant bad
thoughts in our minds and only bad things happen. Our mind works just
like a computer, garbage in, garbage out. Remember to start putting
more good thoughts in your mind.  When a bad thought pops in think of
something good and replace it, then watch your world change. A story that Earl Nightingale tells makes it much easier to understand. A farmer has some good fertile land. The farmer has a choice to plant
whatever he wants in the land.  The land does not care.  Just like the
human mind does not care what you plant in it.  The farmer decides to
plant corn in one area and a poisonous crop in the other. He waters
and tends to them both with the utmost care. They both grow at the
same rate and in abundance. Remember the land does not care just like your mind does not care.
What ever you plant in it will return, weather it is good or bad.  The
mind however is more incredible than land, but it works the same way.
If you plant failure, you get failure.  If you plant success, you get
success. The human mind is one of the greatest things there is to cherish. It
can make your wildest dreams come true. It will return to us
everything we plant in it. Make sure you plant good thoughts and your
dreams of success will come true.

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