You are probably wondering if I need to brush up on my spelling. “Greatful” is a deliberate spelling. After being immersed in coaching people to own and express their unique Greatness for a few years, I occasionally found myself writing greatful for grateful, then being unsure which was the correct spelling.

So I decided on greatful as the spelling. But the real motivation behind the spelling is that it’s a constant reminder that there is greatness in gratitude.

Gratitude is Transformative!

Let’s face it, gratitude feels good. It is a rich, heartfelt, soul inspired feeling of trust and abundance. With practice, gratitude can transform you into living, thinking and acting your way into the reality of a rich and abundant life.

Gratitude is like a pair of glasses that transforms your seeing!

Gratitude transforms your seeing! It wakes you up in such a way that you see the roses that are there to be smelled.

Put on your Gratitude Glasses and you see that your life is one great golden gift. You start seeing the gold in yourself and in everyone else. You grow more finely tuned to see the gifts and opportunities that are all around you.

You also begin to trust that even challenging events or circumstances are blessings in disguise, and lead you to a stronger place.

The more greatful you are, the more you see and attract people, places, things and circumstances to be greatful for!

Gratitude is a Fine Tuner That Gets You to a Clear Channel!

Everything is energy! You have an energetic vibration. Gratitude clears out the static and tunes you to a clear channel!

The closer you are to being your true self – a spiritual being who is living a personally unique physical life – the higher your vibration, and the closer you are to being a clear channel for your own abundant life and for positively impacting more people.

Gratitude removes the static of who you ARE NOT as it tunes your thoughts, feelings and actions to the clear channel of who you really ARE.

Gratitude increases your own personal frequency. It tunes your thinking to possibilities, opens your channels of conscious creativity and inspires your actions.

The more you feel and express gratitude and appreciation, the more you are in tune with your highest self and with the Divine! When you acknowledge your good, you are acknowledging the Source from which it all essentially comes. This draws you closer to the Divine, and draws the Source of your good closer to you.

A Gratitude Practice in 4 Steps for You

Gratitude is a feeling that lives in your heart and soul. You can access it with the intention of feeling gratitude.

1) Make it a practice to access the feeling of gratitude every day before you get out of bed.

2) Then stop, tune in and give thanks 5 times over the course of the day!

3) Every time you think of it, look for something to be greatful for, in your business or in your personal life.

4) And say “thank you” as often as you can, and mean it!

If you do this, day by day it will transform your life. And it will transform your business. You can find Your Greatness in Gratitude!

Step Into Your Greatness Now!
You’ll find it in gratitude!


Reggie Odom LICSW, CPCC, PCC is the founder of Inspired Works a Life Coach, inspirational speaker, and lecturer at Simmons College School of Social Work. She is considered a master teacher and unforgettable speaker. Reggie coaches professionals and practice-based entrepreneurs who want more joy and greater aliveness.
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