Do you wish that you were more creative or had a better imagination? When you were a child can you remember playing endless games with imaginary friends or creating entire sub cultures in your mind?

Have you come across the following quote by Albert Einstein?

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world”.

This quote so beautifully captures the fact that you have to first be able to imagine something before you will be able to turn that thing into reality. Knowledge is of little use without the imagination required to put it to good use. This is why a good teacher works to stimulate interest and curiosity and to pique ones imagination. Imagination in turn is what paves a pathway to the acquisition of new knowledge and new skills. Imagination and knowledge interact to create a cyclical effect, with each feeding the other and moving forwards in a unified direction.

We all have active imaginations, some more active than others. Some people think that they have no imagination but usually will find that they are either imagining things without realizing that this is what they are doing or they are simply out of practice. I often ask people to describe to me the difference between two things, such as the sea and the sky, or a tennis ball versus a football, or a wine glass and a beer glass. Could you provide a description of these things? I’m sure that you could do so quite easily and I also know that to be able to do so you have to first be able to imagine those things.

You may not realize that your imagination is at work in providing such descriptions as the human brain works so quickly and automatically it is easy to overlook the processes which are taking effect beneath the surface. Your imagination is equally at work each night as you dream. Once again you may not think that you dream but dreaming is essential to emotional balance and stability. If you did not dream you would very quickly become psychotic. As you dream each night your subconscious mind comes to the fore and a process of conflict resolution takes place.

If you would like to stimulate your imagination or unleash the creative abilities of your subconscious mind, you will find hypnosis to be very helpful. Hypnosis is the dream-like state between wake and sleep; it is natural and normal and easy to learn. You can learn to use hypnosis simply by listening to a hypnosis mp3 recording, of which there are many readily available on the internet. (You can grab a free hypnosis session from my website if you like.) You can easily re-learn to tap into your imagination and your creative abilities. I say “re-learn” because in all likelihood you can remember having an active imagination as a child. Children display a natural tendency to imagine endless things; a box may become a boat, a doll may become a real baby, and so on.

One not only needs to be able to imagine something but also to be able to have the confidence to pursue that which they imagine. Without confidence that imaginary something will remain as a tantalizing dream, appearing only at night and disappearing with the dawning of each day. That dream will remain close to you for a while, but unless that dream is written down and acted upon it will soon fade into obscurity. A dream will always remain a dream unless it is acted upon.

Once again hypnosis is an invaluable asset in the acquisition of self-confidence. Whilst in hypnosis confidence building suggestions can be made to ones subconscious mind, that part of the mind which acts instinctively and automatically. Your imagination can be utilized as well so as to really see yourself as you want to be and to feel as you want to feel. Hypnosis helps more than a little when a person wants to improve their imagination, build self-confidence and achieve success in this world.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis confidence downloads for success and well-being.


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