Imagine yourself 45 years old, standing in front of the mirror, getting ready for office (a back office customer service representative job), while your wife is getting your kids ready for school. Then you wonder and feel sorry for that potential writer in you who could be writing articles for some leading newspapers now. Instead you find yourself lost in a pile of letters and hundreds of emails and electronic files. Then you ask yourself, “Is it too late?”


Ironically it is. And this is not a story about of the life of one man/woman. There are millions of people worldwide who have their dreams but end up doing something else. They are not happy, but they are forced to do what they are doing because they have to survive. Survival is just as aspect of being human; however we human beings excel in living, not surviving. Surviving in a way that we will love it, that is what makes us human beings. Sadly enough most of the people have forgotten it and in the process of getting lost in the crowd, are getting robbed of their happiness also.



The example that was cited before is a classic example of how goal setting can go wrong. In fact in this case the fact that went wrong was that there was poor or no goal setting at all. We all have dreams and we wish that those dreams come true. However certain discipline is required to realize your dreams. Goal setting is one of them.


Some people think that goal setting is not an important issue at all. They have acute problems in writing down anything that they may regard as goal. This is partly because they have a deep rooted belief that it is all about riding the roller coaster ride of your lifetime. Maybe someone else did the deciding act for you and you kept on following faithfully. This is why you are mostly unhappy as most of the times you end up doing something that your heart is not speaking of.


So the trick is to write down something definite that you would want to see yourself doing in the future. Something that makes yourself happy, something that will keep on feeling good even while you will be doing it days after days. This piece of written document will keep on reminding you whenever you are off track about your dreams and aspirations. And after everything is said and done, you will end up doing whatever you enjoy doing.

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