Have you noticed as you age your mind seems to be working less quickly than it used to. Is your brain slowing down or are your imagining this? Do you have trouble remembering names or facts? Are you ready to stop this memory deterioration in its tracks? Or are you simply going to chalk it up to old age?


Ask yourself this question, if there was something you could do that would not only improve your memory but also improve your life, would you try it? Absolutely free and no it’s not a miracle pill or some special potion. I know you’ve heard all of this before and just haven’t taken action. I hope I have your attention and some of what I’m going to say will peak your interest.  Although you’ve heard all this before it’s time to take some of this advice seriously.


Your first attempt to improve your memory should be a lifestyle change. By getting involved in a brain healthy lifestyle program you can not only improve your memory but you will certainly improve your overall health. Brain healthy lifestyle programs are popping up all over the country if your local area doesn’t have an organization offering this all-important program you don’t have to wait you can start implementing some of these easy-to-follow behavioral changes starting right now.


Physical exercise; start a walking program or at least go for a walk every day, any type of moderate exercise will get you started in the right direction. Take a yoga class, if you have bad knees like I do go for a swim, if you can’t swim and have bad knees walk in a shallow pool. You heard the expression “where there’s a will there’s a way’ stop putting it off. Exercise causes your body to take in more oxygen.  The oxygen enriches your blood the enriched blood flood your brain with much-needed oxygen so it can work more efficiently. I’m sure you’re already aware of just how important exercises are. I urge you to stop avoiding this and start moderate exercise program that fits your lifestyle.


Mental exercise; you can improve your memory as easily as reading a book. Better yet start reading everything you can the more reading you do the more knowledgeable you will become. Reading a newspaper staying up on local events will not only make you a more interesting person but will stimulate your mind.


Discover your library: your local library is like an oasis in the desert. There are all the books magazines and newspapers you could ever want to read. Your local library is funded by your local taxes everything there is free. If you get the newspaper delivered at home, read it cover to cover do the crossword puzzles do every little game they have in the newspaper word puzzles etc.


Socializing:  socializing with your friends and participating in new and interesting activities will not only improve the quality of your life, but will also stimulate your brain. Get out and enjoy people, surround yourself with interesting activities and you’ll naturally discover interesting new friends.


Brain healthy diet: Whether you want to lose weight or improve your memory, it seems it’s always the same foods that will help. Fruits and vegetables healthy oils such as olive oil flaxseed oil, high-protein low-fat foods such as chicken and fish you’ve heard all this before there must be something to it.



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