The ten years just ended have shook the world and impacted everyone’s lives – more in a negative than a positive manner. At the start of the decade of the Nineties, Osho termed them as ‘The Nightmarish Nineties’ and soon left his body. But the decade that followed has been worse as the nightmares came alive as disasters.

The new decade will probably be dominated by three ‘Os’. On the political scene is Barrack Obama, president of the still most powerful country in the world who is trying to undo what the eight years of his predecessor had wrought. On the terror scene, is Osama bin Laden who is plotting more sinister attacks than the ones that rattled the world. And on the spiritual platform is Osho who is just beginning to be understood and appreciated by people all over world as the most viable antidote to the personal, national and global problems.

Osho’s insights on almost every issue of concern to today’s human being and his updating of the secrets and paths of most enlightened mystics bring solace to the confused, troubles minds. In hard copy or on the web, Osho is reaching out to millions everyday. Osho’s techniques of meditations are fast becoming the practical catharsis for the massive piles of tension and traumas buried deep within the psyche of today’s masses. Finally, Osho’s vision of ‘the new man’, as the synthesis of East and West, science and spirituality, silence and celebration, is the only lifeline for survival on this fast depleting and deteriorating planet.

Osho maintains that for at least ten thousand years, as far as consciousness is concerned, nothing new has happened. So it is high time for a new dawn, a new order and a new man. He goes on, “Hence I say this time is one of the most precious times. You are fortunate to be alive today, because something immensely great is going to happen — and that is the meeting of science and religion, the meeting of West and East, the meeting of the extrovert mind and the introvert mind. It will create the new man who will be able to move easily to the outside or into the inside, who will be able to move easily into the extrovert world of science and into the introvert world of religion.”

The new decade can be called ‘the Disastrous Decade’ considering what the world has suffered. But Osho’s insights, meditations and influence has multiplied manifold during these two decades.

His legacy in his own words has reached millions all over the globe and continues to do so in the form of tapes, CDs, books and most of all, the Web. His words and books can be downloaded for free from His pithy and jolting quotations are found of thousands of sites. He is alive and present on major social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Orkut; while his videos are attracting millions on YouTube and other video networking sites; and his images are found in thousands on photo sharing sites such a Flickr and Picasa, among others. Osho has over a thousand dedicated websites devoted to his vision and work. Osho has over 600 original book titles and over 2,000 book titles, translated from English and Hindi, into 42 languages. Over 1,800 hours of recorded video discourses and over 7,000 hours of audio discourses. Now over a thousand Osho meditation and information centres are flourishing around the world.  For free downloadig of Osho books and discoruses, visit

More and more young people are discovering Osho’s vision and his insights as most relevant to the stress and strain of living in the 21st Century; and thus they go into his cathartic meditations to seek silence within. This is how Osho continues to live today for ever.

As global personalities, both Obama and Osama will probably fade away by the end of this decade but Osho will certainly remain, indeed, gather more momentum as the millennium unfolds. Because he’s got what it takes.

A disciple of the enlightened master, Osho, Kul Bhushan is an Editor, Author, Special Correspondent, Publisher and a Media Consultant as on He has worked for a UN agency and travelled to over 50 countries. He specialises in writing on NRI (Non Resident Indians) affairs. He has authored 26 books.For his work, visit

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