Dreamers are achievers. It has been said that the poorest person on earth is the one without a dream and the most frustrated is the one who has dreams but does not accomplish them. The value of dreams to a person who wants to achieve in life cannot be over emphasized. However, not every thing will work for you. You must understand the various factors which contribute towards your failure in life.

To begin, you must put in your mind that you cannot achieve your vision alone. You are not an island and therefore you need the help of others to guarantee your success.

Trying to get away with everything for yourself by ignoring others is a highway towards your failure.

Little knowledge is dangerous. You need to hook up with people who have made it in the past. They are important in showing you the potholes that you must avoid. They ensure that in times of picking up challenges you do not give up if you have shallow end-resources and poor results. Such kinds of people are termed as mentors and act as leaders. Therefore ensure that they have good leadership skills and of unquestionable character. People take a hike out of their dreams when unclear leadership clouds their vision.

You must always be on the move. No dream can be achieved in a day. Being stuck in the same position with slim hopes of forward or upward mobility can cause you to abort your goal. Beginning doing something right where you are.

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