“As one person I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one person.” ~ Paul Shane Spear

Have you try reading and then reflect on inspirational sayings, just like the one above? If not, you should do it. You would be surprised how much you can learn from reading these inspirational sayings. Never underestimate the simplicity of these terse sayings.

When I was a school kid, I discoverd inspirational sayings from my dad’s Reader’s Digest. I read and recited them for the fun of it. I treated them as a form of creative writing. In fact I started using them in my school essays just to impress my classmates; to sound wise and philosophical, or so I thought.

It was during my twenties I read them again, then I realized these inspirational sayings were more than just creatively written phrases. I started to ponder over the meaning or message of these sayings. Believe me, they have changed and guided my life ever since.

For me these inspirational sayings are just like summaries from all those great motivational books. They summed it all up beautifully in a line or two. The though-provoking message is equally empowering and motivational, if not more profound than some of those long-winded motivational books.

It is true to say inspirational sayings can provide companionship and direction in one’s life. It can be merely one single saying that change your outlook on your day or even your life.

If there is any particular inspirational saying which you find it motivational, then what you should do is, place it where you can always will see them. Be it your wallet, working table or even the mirror which you look into it each day, to remind and guide you. 

Just reading inspirational sayings can put me into the positive mindset. It is that empowering and affirmative. They boost my confidence and rejuvenate my flagging spirit anytime.

You should try reading these inspirational sayings with an open heart and mind. Then select just one or two of these powerful sayings and use them as a guide to life. All the best to you.

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