Will It, Won’t It?…I Don’t Know..Please Help!!!

Right now we are in a break with Alex on Brainstorming Session 2, and thought i would quickly give you all an update on the session..

Like usual Alex is over delivering on this session, the advice is priceless..especially when you are the tortise compared to the other hares! There’s around 140 people on the call and as each student is talking everybody, and I mean everybody is having a look at their blogs and giving advice as to what they think works and what doesn’t in REAL TIME.

This advice is worth its weight in gold, so to speak..its fantastic and a little humbling at the same time, and of course Rome wasn’t built in a day..but it what we all need to get things moving and accelerating.

Well that’s enough for now..will give you some more of the info and points talked about for the students sites good and bad pointers soon..so don’t forget to come back or better still..

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Talk to you soon…and have a great Christmas and New Year

Stay SAFE and HAPPY…Paul


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