Life is not something that just “happens” to you randomly.  You have an active role to play and can choose anything you wish to experience. Most will say their life is neither good nor bad, but mediocre.

Why do so many of us settle for complacency and dullness?  Where is the excitement, joy and overwhelming feeling of passion?

You can tell the ones who live a truly joyful life because they stick out like a sore thumb – they are that rare. Everyone probably knows or has heard of someone like this.

They are the people who are always relaxed and hardly every stressed.  Nothing at all seems to faze them and they seem so easy going all the time.  Often they don’t take life too seriously and focus on having fun.

Those of us who are watching these people from the outside may label them as irresponsible, uncaring and childish.  Some would label them as being lucky to have found the true meaning of life.

To experience as much joy as possible into our life experiences. To understand the true nature of why we are here.  Because most would agree we are not here to live an OK life and then die.

We are here to have the best time ever. If we can all remember to practice feeling happy more often we’ll start to experience more happy things in our lives. We’ll feel more joyful and so the upwards spiral continues.

There are some who feel guilty they are having fun while others are suffering.  It helps no one – least of all those who are suffering if you prevent yourself from feeling joy. How it is helping them if you are miserable too?

Regardless of what is happening around you can become more and more joyful. And the more joyful you are, the more successfully you will live your life.

Because joy is the measuring factor of a successful life.  It really is.

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