Every social set up has certain needs and wants it has to fulfill. There are plenty of social and administrative responsibilities of government as well as civil society at large to help minor segments of society live at par with the rest of the spectrums in the social combination. Even in the modern times, people find it very difficult to find some space for them in the larger social set up if they belong to some special community or a smaller segment of society. Hence, it is collective responsibility of the society and government to work on that.

The case of Muslim population living abroad, outside of their homeland is a clearer example of that. Every one of us knows that there are certain issues, which are very sensitive for the Muslims with regards to their strict adherence to their religious teachings. For further endorsement of the issue, I present the example of child education for the Muslim expatriates. In the typical Islamic society, the Islamic schools are established to help the kids in learning the primary and fundamentals of Islam. Furthermore, those schools help them understand the important aspects of daily life in context of Islamic teachings.

However, when these people go abroad or outside of their country for whatever reason may be, they have to face certain challenges. Particularly when the host country is non Muslim, the most critical issue they face is early education of their kids. Here comes the role of charities and non governmental organization that work for the betterment of some particular segment and attainment of collective goals. The Islamic Schools in Manchester are a clearer example of this as they have been established by some special and dedicated organization to help this pretty large segment of the society in meeting their basic need.


You can find various glorious examples of the organizations that are working for some common and socially sensitive issue. Hanifah community is among those ones, which are dedicatedly working in various areas to help the society at large and Muslims in particular in managing their lives in a pretty favorable manner. It is dedicatedly working for the cause of education and offers preschool and small school services to help the Muslim parents in easier way. It not only offers educational services but also offers various community training programs that are aimed at helping people live amicably with other communities.

In short, we can say that there is a need for the proper educational structure for the Muslim kids to learn and know about their religion and adopt the ethics. In this regard, the Muslim charities and community training organizations can far more helpful than any other stakeholder. The organizations like Hanifah Community are indeed a great relief for Muslims in United Kingdom as it helps them in managing various affairs of their daily and social lives.

There are various islamic schools in Manchester that are dedicatedly working to offer educational services for the Muslim kids in a very professional manner.
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