People often ask me what the secret “short cut” to personal and leadership success is. What’s ONE thing they could DO to start moving in the right direction?  If they were to do just one thing, what would I tell them?

Forced to pick ONE, I’d say it’s about their “being”; how they “show up”. Asked to elaborate, I’d pick three: being present, being congruent with their personal values, and leading their energy. Notice, ironically, that the “one” thing has surprisingly little to do with what they’re “doing” (although, don’t get me wrong, that’s important), but rather much more to do with who they’re “being”…And this has a surprisingly big impact on business:

Being present in the moment, in our conversations, with people, with our thoughts, in our bodies, and in our lives as a whole is foundational to living life in real time, enjoying it, and building authentic and conscious relationships (after all, if we’re not present, what’s the point?)
Being congruent with our personal values and beliefs is crucial to living a life of truth and fulfillment, and leading a business with integrity. Values serve as an internal compass of sorts that helps us create clarity, make difficult decisions, and act truthfully.
Leading our energy is core to bringing our best selves to our game, to having a positive energetic impact on those around us, and having the energy and vitality to do all the things we need to do (lead businesses and families, manage and mentor people, spend time with our loved ones, grow businesses, make money, play bigger games, build better relationships…)

And all of these things synergistically contribute to feeling good, making other people feel good, making honest decisions, building trust, and creating a business and life that is joyful and productive.

Bottom line? Presence, personal integrity, and energy have a direct impact on our leadership, personal effectiveness, and how we “show up”, which impacts the actions we take, which impacts the results we get. This not only feels good, but supports us in navigating the challenges of people, business, and the economy.

Who we “be” and how we “show up” as leaders also has a direct impact on:

Employee engagement,
Customer relationships,
Health care and lost time savings,
The health and spirit of the organization,
Talent retention,
And out basic ability to create sustainable joyful results.

Just to name a few….

Anese Cavanaugh, President of Dare To Engage, Inc., Founder of Bootist Leadership®, and mother of two, gets people “in their boots.” Using energy, mindset, mission, and action, cornerstones of her “Bootist” philosophy, she helps forward-thinking individuals and organizations create positive energy, successful relationships, congruent leadership, and joyful results – wherever they go. For more about Anese, Bootist Leadership, or Dare To Engage, Inc., or to receive a complimentary copy of Anese’s latest publication, go to
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