Letting go of everything that has been holding you back in life is not only beneficial, but it is also imperative for your well-being and who you really are. We are constantly changing and evolving, but often we lack the ability to free ourselves up from old ways of being and old habits.  In order to fully grow and completely be as we are meant to be in this life, we need the ability to let go of who we used to exist as.  Often times in life, we develop habits and behaviors and do not let them go.  We are then locked into a way of being that is old and not connected to who we truly are.  We tend to believe that our responses to life are newly developed and are constantly changing within us, but this can only be so if we have let go of our past and who we were.

In order to be free enough to develop our personal selves and grow, we need to remember that our idea of who we are is also forming constantly.  We must remember that in order to be free, we have to let go of our past self along with our past.  For our past self belongs in the past; it is related to who we were and is no longer who we are now.  We hang onto this old self because we neither know nor see another way.  Our old behaviors and responses are present with us because we do not leave them in the past.  So in order to become one’s true self, one must not only let go of what is old and from the past, but also start seeing oneself as new , for we are new every day.  It is when we hold onto something that is old that we hold ourselves back.  We create a stagnant place within ourselves when we hold onto parts of ourselves that are no longer necessary to us.

Imagine yourself developing at a new rate with every moment. Who you are today is different from yesterday.  Imagine then that if you were still identifying yourself as the person you were five years ago, that this could not help you.  We must constantly remind ourselves that we are not the person we used to be.  And thus all those old behaviors, ideas, and patterns connected to our old self can also go away.  We can choose to be our present selves simply by seeing ourselves existing as such.   Letting go of who we were in our past is just as important as letting go of our past.  By existing in the present, we open ourselves up to the real us.

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