It is a day many individuals look forward – retirement. It means all types of freedom are now possible. No more clock-watching. No more demands on your time. No more must-bes and must-dos. You can walk, visit, read and watch television all day long if you want to. Could life get any better than this? Yet, for many, the Golden Age is not all what it seems. Too much freedom and all that time seem to interfere with enjoying life. Some look for a solution by getting in touch professionals in life coaching.

Working full time year-after-year can place a heavy weight on anyone. Yet, it does provide a structure to life. Work provides a routine. For many, this is an essential characteristic. Work also provides us with a wide variety of positive and negative sensations. It:

Helps to develop our sense and even level of self-esteem
Provides us with a basic feeling of purpose
Creates a notion of our status in society
Provides us with the chance to meet various kinds of people some with whom we may bond to

The dissolution of the job may result in the disappearance of what has helped define who we are and what we do. This can produce a feeling of loss, fear of the future and intense loneliness. In addition to these internal issues, a retiree may be faced with adjusting to the change in the relationship’s status. Two people at home together find altered routines can result in feelings of claustrophobia as they get in each other’s way. Daily routines are upset. The result for many retirees is not a sense of a new beginning but a feeling this is the beginning of a painful end.


At fault of many of these upsets is the lack of planning. Retirement comes and the individual has no idea of what he or she is going to do. There is no concept beyond a very vague notion, of how he or she will fill up the time. Some may even plunge into retirement suddenly without easing out slowly. They neglect the possibility offered to go into a business on their own in a small fashion e.g. consulting. These actions could provide not only increased sense of balance but higher satisfaction for all concerned.

While many intend to think about retirement, few ever consider talking to someone or seeking help for the preparations and adjustments that are required of this change in life. Life coaching provides those who are thinking of becoming retired an excellent chance to look at and analyze what their goals should be during this period of life. Life coaching can have you talk about your options. For some this would be finally sitting down and writing that great novel or work on so-and-so; others may want to move abroad or even set up their own small, independent business. Some know what they really want to do but their focus is on how to maintain a solid and happy relationship with their significant other during this time of change.

Retiring does not mean you have no future. You can still work on investing in your dreams and organizing your plans. Life coaching will work with you to resolve any issues and help guide you towards a future where retirement is truly golden and not tin.

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