It’s tough to come up with just a couple must read personal development books when you get the inevitable “What should I read?” question. That’s because I’ve made reading for success a part of my everyday life, and thus have read literally several hundred books on personal development, wealth-building, success, business, economics, persuasion, communication, sales, negotiation, spirituality, psychology, marketing, real estate, investing, internet marketing, copywriting, leadership, public speaking, and many more empowerment-themed topics.

And believe me, though I have developed a great store of knowledge on these and other topics fundamental to success, I’m no expert on any one of these topics and constantly read more. So, choosing just 3 that were most influential that I would 100% recommend to anyone wanting to accomplish great things in their life was a tough task. But here’s an attempt on 3 books that I believe are “must-read”.

1) Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins
Tony Robbins is such a cheese ball and has done some things in his business life I consider a little shady, but I must say his stuff he writes about in this book does work. I definitely have Tony Robbins in my personal success books library. Tony is known for bringing self-development to the masses. What many don’t know is that if you really want to change your life, you really absolutely can do it by applying what he teaches. What still fewer know, however, is where HE learned what he teaches. In fact, he is a much better marketer than a teacher (although I’m not knocking his teaching skill) which is why you have heard of him but probably not heard of people like Milton Erickson, Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Tad James or other giant academics who discovered a large part of what became Tony’s original books (like this one). Read this book, but if you look at it as an introduction to the amazing concepts of mind power and then go to the sources (like those authors mentioned above) you will begin to access a part of your mind few people know exist— and that fewer still have the curiosity and the courage to tap its power.

2) Please Understand Me by David Keirsey
Almost nothing truly great in this world (including building a fortune, leaving a legacy, or becoming famous, etc) can be accomplished without securing the cooperation of other people. Even the Michelangelo’s of the world have assistants, patrons, encouragers, customers, and fans. Greatness is a product of skill and desire first, but secondly of contribution— and the greatest contribution we can make is that we make to the world. The world is made up of people, different in so many ways and yet in so many ways alike. I am unique. You are unique. I need you. You need me. The number one skill needed to gain another human being’s cooperation is to show you understand them and talk to them at the level they’re at while helping them see how their cooperation with you will help them reach the next level they’re striving for easier, faster, or with less effort. That skill can make you a better employer, a better boss, a better negotiator, a better husband or wife and so much more. The person who can do this will never lack for loyal people around him or her. This book has shown me how to make all my relationships better, including my relationship with myself. I believe it will do the same for you.

3) Action! by Robert Ringer
Just like the title implies, this book is about action. Although having a success books library is a great action step to take on your road to success, just having recommended books on success to read won’t make you a success, just as having a collection of Shakespearean sonnets won’t make you a poet. You have to read what you have and take action on what you learn. I’ve found the tips, techniques, attitudes and shortcuts I learned in this book to be invaluable in getting myself amped up to take action when I need a kick into gear. I highly recommend that you read it— but more importantly that you apply what you learn.

I hope you have found value in the quick synopsis of these must read personal development books and that you are inspired to add these books you YOUR success library and take action.  If you don’t have a success library…now is the perfect time to start one.  It’s never too late to start reading for success, and it’s never too late to BE a success.

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