“When you’re always worried about money, it’s really hard to imagine having the freedom and resources to do something huge. My business has given me that freedom,
and I want to say thank you. Thank you for following me – thank you for
helping me becoming a person who can make a real change in the world.”

–         by Mr. Tellman Krudson, the founder of List Building Club

I am not going to talk about making money; I’d rather talk about how to make you own legend. It is everybody can do, IT IS ALL, DEPENDS ON YOU; if you got that vision, you can do it.

There is no magic lamp or short cuts to help people success. EVER.

Around 15 years ago when I was in secondary 2, my IT teacher told me that Google is the large search engine in the world. At that time however, neither one knows google. Everybody goes to Yahoo surfing, playing online game etc. Now what? Google buys yahoo. Whenever you want to search something, you go to Google. Even Yahoo is your homepage.

This is where legend happens, neither one foresee it, but the maker himself (like Google). Neither one see the process of how google success to be the great search engine. Everybody only sees the present moment.

No matter you are in what business, the legend only happens on those people who got the vision. It is your vision helps you to be success; it is your strong will helps you to generate money.

Another point is your effort. In this information age, knowledge is a treasure towards the world. If you do not pay any effort to improve yourself, you would be out of the scene soon. The benefit of this worldwide phenomenon is to force everybody having their further education and push the world going forward. Your effort on your knowledge would be totally pay off because your niche wants it. This is a natural economic theory, demand and supply only.

People success because they have a vision, a strong effort and passionate. Always ask yourself “why” leads to “how”; Always ask “why” leads to a scientific breakthrough everyday.


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