If I were to tell you that you can have 100% success at manifesting abundance with the Law of Attraction, you will probably roll your eyes and look at me as some snake’s oil salesman or as someone claiming to be an alchemist who can turn lead into gold.
But you know what? 
I don’t lie. You can have 100% success with the Law of Attraction. 
The only reason you haven’t had the success you wanted is because you’ve been missing a MAJOR ingredient of reality creation that trumps ALL other components.
It’s an absolute must when it comes to manifesting abundance.
I’m sure you’ve read a lot of material from the Law of Attraction “gurus” who explain how to make the best use of the Law of Attraction for manifesting abundance.
They give you tips and methods for being successful at using the Law of Attraction.
Some of these gurus do actually know what they’re talking about just for the simple fact that they’ve created amazing lives for themselves through their mastery of the Law of Attraction.
However, a problem often arises when you’re so into learning from other gurus.
What’s the problem?
The problem is that often, you discount your own experiences of success at manifesting abundance over what these gurus tell you.
You think that if a guru tells you that something doesn’t work that has evidently worked for YOU in the past that you shouldn’t do that thing anymore.
You subsequently take the guru’s advice, but his advice doesn’t work as well as what you were using before.
You are now no longer having any success because you believe that just the guru said it’s true, it must be true.
I say nonsense.
The ONE way to get 100% success all the time at manifesting abundance is to include the YOU in the whole equation.
Take the advice of those who have been successful but NEVER discount your own successes that have worked for you.
I have read of quite a few people who have had success at manifesting abundance with the Law of Attraction even though they had different methods of achieving this success.
What worked for some, worked better for others. 
For instance, some like writing their intentions, others like speaking it out loud, others just like simply visualizing them.
The list goes on and on.
Include the unique YOU in the whole reality creation equation and learn what works for YOU. You are a unique creation of the Universe, so what may work for you may not work for someone else.
Speaking of which, how would you like to discover what those who have MASTERED reality creation know so you can find out what uniquely works for you?
How would you like to be finally be a master of your own reality so you can create the life of your dreams?

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