Anybody successful worth his salt will tell you that if you want to succeed at manifesting abundance with the Law of Attraction, you MUST take action.
As a matter of fact, where the famous movie “The Secret” went wrong was that it led people to believe that all they had to do was fantasize about their dreams and goals and very soon, their ideal life will fall through the ceiling, right through their living room, and everything will be dandy.
There’s many saying that could be attributed to the importance of action when using the Law of Attraction for manifesting abundance.
“Faith without works is dead.””Either you’re consistent or you’re non existent.”
The famous Thomas Edison said, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it comes dressed in overalls and looks like work.”
Though action is important, did you know that sometimes action can be just as detrimental, if not more detrimental than NOT taking action at all?
Yes, there are certain times when taking action actually pushes your dreams further away from you.
How is this?
Well, when you have goals of manifesting abundance with the Law of Attraction, there are two types of action you can take: inspired action and fear-based action.
When successful people speak about taking action, they’re talking about “inspired action.”
This is when you’re involved in a “dance” with the Universe where you’re allowing the Universe to bring the desires of your heart to you and also letting the Universe inspire you to take the necessary action when needed.
However, fear-based action is when you’re running helter-skelter, trying to accomplish this task or that task because you don’t trust the Universe to work everything out for you in terms of your dreams coming into fruition.
Fear-based action is the mentality that it’s all up to you because you believe that you know better than the Universe.
This attitude of fear and unbelief is sent out into the Universe and what you get in return is only failure and frustration, because you get back what you put out.
The factor differentiating fear-based action and inspired action is TRUST. Trust everything is working out for you and you will be guided to take the right action.
Speaking of taking action, how much more effective would your actions be towards your goal of manifesting abundance if you knew ALL the secrets of reality creation?
Sorry to say, but neither “The Secret” nor the mainstream gurus tell you everything there is you need to know about how to MASTER the laws of reality creation.

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