Every cause has an effect, and every effect has a cause. How do you determine what is cause and what is effect? Do you have a role in producing either? If so, just what is your role? If you do not have a role, is there someone or something that plays a role for you in this cause and effect law?

These questions go straight to the heart of every thing and every condition that exists in our world, including ourselves. The rule of thumb that I have learned and use to make the distinction between cause and effect is the following. Anything that exists that is perceptible to the physical senses, i.e., sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell, is in the realm of effect. Generally, all that exists that is not perceptible to the physical senses is in the realm of cause.

All causes that relate to me exist within me, just as I believe all causes that relate to you exist within you. Cause consists of the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and mental images in my mind, my consciousness. Cause consists of the never ending string of possibilities presented to me in consciousness from which I choose.

By choosing from the possibilities, and making that choice the object of my focus and observation (cause), I know what effect to expect. Here is the rub. If I do not consciously choose from the endless stream of possibilities, I inadvertently, unconsciously make choices (cause) anyway.

By neglecting to consciously make choices of the thoughts ideas, and mental images on which to focus, unconscious choices are made for me, drawn from my past experiences. When the effect of that inadvertent, unconscious choice (cause) comes into my experience (effect) I will likely look at other effects as the cause.

Be forewarned. Occasional, half hearted, focus cannot be viewed as cause and is not likely to change much in your life outcomes. A pound of salt dropped into Lake Michigan is not going to change the lake into a salt water lake. If, however, you direct a powerful stream of salt into the lake over a significant period, it will make noticeable changes in the makeup of the lake.

I trust that you can now see, as I have seen, that mastering your mind power is critical to your success in accessing more of the riches of life. The riches are there for you. It truly does not matter what the conditions of your life have been up to this point.

You can begin now, or continue, to shift your consciousness in the direction of your desires. Make your desires the object of your focus (cause) and you will no longer have to live in fear and worry in relation to the effects you experience.

Once you feel, really feel that you have accepted the object of your focus into your deeper mind (cause) trust the Law of Cause and Effect to do its work. It must produce the desired outcome (effect) if you let it. Do not look out upon the effects around you seeking the appearance of your desire. Each time you look into the world of effects and do not see it, you will likely begin to reinforce your old belief that you DO NOT HAVE IT. You in effect, begin to push your desire away before it can materialize.

This I know for sure. You can claim or re-claim control of your own mind power. You are the most miraculous of all living beings on earth. You are the owner of a mind that is so stupendous, that as you truly begin mastering your mind power and consciously using it, there is no dream that you can dream that you cannot achieve.

Harold L Lowe retired at age 62 when his six-figure income position was eliminated. He now wishes to share some of what he has learned since then and some of his experiences as well through articles. He is now studying The New Think And Grow Rich with the author, Ted Ciuba, a founding member of the World Internet Summit. To Claim A FREE Copy Of The Book That Inspired The Movie/DVD/Book, The Secret, Go To: Mind Power.

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