Moriya, who looks after various parrots on her rooftop terrace, told me one day that a very large bag of organic seeds had just been delivered to her front door. When I queried why ‘organic’ seeds for the birds, she replied in her usual matter-of-fact way that she would not separate herself from the parrots – and her two rabbits.

If she eats strictly organic food and only vegetables and fruit, because it is the healthier alternative, how could she feed anything she would not want for herself to the birds and animals in her care?

Ah, but wait! There’s more.

Besides the fact that they are grown organically, the corn cobs that Moriya buys are still attached to their husks, which the two pet rabbits, Bonnie and Dolly along with the birds, enjoy very much.

Because these husks are free of pesticide, Moriya always finds “in every stalk a big green worm sleeping at the edge, so I cut the edge and I think that it’s that worm’s fair share of the corn. For without her no corn would have grown, ken? You do know that worms are essential to the soil.”

And so Moriya puts the green worm out in a verandah pot along with its little piece of husk or lettuce and there it will live out its days in peace – provided a bird doesn’t pick it too soon as a tasty treat.

Back to the business of our dreams.

“C.C., to make my point clearer, let’s look at another example: the traditional interpretation of a lion in our dreams.

Books usually say that the lion symbolizes great strength, aggression and physical power which is interpreted as overcoming our emotions as well as our challenges. This interpretation exists simply because, in the modern world, the lion is seen as the king of the jungle. Centuries back, the lion also represented royalty, leadership, pride and dominance.

“When a lion comes to me in a dream, for me it won’t mean that I’m about to take over a situation and impose my will on another being.

It won’t mean that I have to exercise restraint in my own personal and social life.

What it will mean is a reminder for me to not regress into indulging any of my lower desires, the ones triggered by the base and the sacral chakras.

Look, here is a how a lion came to me in a dream:

I am walking alongside a woman through a very big hall. We arrive at the top floor where a lion is asleep in the hallway. I say to the woman: “What will happen when the lion awakes? Ze lo beseder that a lion should be lying like this in the middle of the hallway.”

Inside the large hall that we finally reach, there are many people. Suddenly the lion rushes down the stairs, jumps toward the entrance and starts to struggle

with another lion. Then, the lion returns and approaches me. I just sense that I have powers to block him.  So I point a finger at the lion and say forcefully: “Lo! No!”

The lion retreats but returns again. I extend a finger and again, while looking directly into his eyes, I say: “Lo! Lo! No!”

The lion retreats one more time. Then, suddenly again, he jumps towards me, but stops at my feet and lies down. As I look down, all that there is at my feet is a big white dog with very long hair.

So I look at this dog in wonderment until his minder comes out of somewhere and stands by me. This man holds a strap that he ties to the dog’s neck.

He smiles at me and takes the dog with him. While they walk away I see that the dog has become once again a lion.

And now, CC, let’s look at the interpretation of the various symbols present in that dream:

Lion = animalism – lower desires from our base chakra and fed by our ego-persona

Big hall = our ego-persona/ourselves. The more we are developed, the greater is this symbolic hall

A lot of people = our reflected inner being. They symbolize the various *I*s that we are inside our persona and, for sure, they are numerous. If we see people doing their tasks without conflicts, this symbolizes our inner harmony. When we can master all our various little egos and keep them on a leash, they are under control and ze beseder gamoor.

Dog = unconditional love, faith

White = enlightenment

“C.C., it can be added that the lion’s minder symbolizes my ability to control my lower desires and my ability to turn them into positive ones – from lion to dog.

In short, this dream has nothing to do with power and dominance or about being a violent carnivore, but what it tells me is that when I control my ego- persona, I tame

‘the beast within’, as the expression goes.

These lowly materialistic urges vanish and I remain enlightened.

The lion that changes into a dog and then changes back, is the reminder that these aspects of ourselves always exist, no matter what. They are always lurking. It is good to remember that they can, and do, take over in turns, depending on how we feed – or starve – them in our day-to-day dealings with others and ourselves.”

** Ze lo beseder = it’s not right   Lo = no Ze beseder gamoor = this is very good

Moriya explains – While the lion is awake, We Slumber

This year, to celebrate the Chinese year of the Rat with friends, one of whom is a Chinese Malay, we went to a restaurant in our local China town. I am not sure how much money the owners of the Enjoy Inn had donated to the Chinese Lion Association of Brisbane, but I am ready to bet that every Chinese dancing lion in Brisbane dropped in for a prance around the tables.

The noise of many drums reverberating through the restaurant was deafening.

I gave Moriya an account of the lions’ leaps and dances around our table and explained how their ears, eyelids and tails are manipulated by the dancers

inside the lion cloth-frame and here is her deconstruction of that moment:

Restaurant = where you eat what others prepare for you and your friends, i.e. messages, tests, experiences. In restaurant, we have to pay for our food, which symbolizes having to pay close attention to messages around you; otherwise a price will be have to be paid for ignoring them

The noise of many drums = it is meant for you to be aware and awake!

Dancing lions = flowing. “The lion, as Leo, is your sign, C.C.,” Moriay said,But generally a dance symbolizes the natural movement of life: wind, waves, energy. All in Nature is a continuous dance, like Tai Chi”

They move their eyelids = the need to observe, be aware

Their ears, too = listen to messages. Don’t be hypnotized by your ego-persona or anyone else’s

Manipulated by the dancers inside the lion = ego-personas pretending to be lions

“Why would people pretend to hide behind the mask of a lion?” I asked.

“Because the lion symbolizes our lower desires. Having a leaping lion’s head in the background of your dinner gathering, C.C., is a good reminder for you, Myarh, and

all who were present to be mindful of the erratic nature of your lower mechanical impulses. Anyway, no creature is ever one-sided. They are all two-sided, exactly like our soul IS us, just as we are her incarnation – the ego-persona in the body she has in this lifetime.

“C.C., while on the topic of impulses and thoughts of a lower order, do you know that irritating flies and mosquitoes are but symbols of what annoys you and of the emotions that eat you from the inside? Once you become aware of this and keep observing yourself, you will identify your thoughts and you will understand how these thoughts bite you worse than any mosquito can ever do. Once you understand this deep, deep down, you won’t have to deal with flies or mosquitoes anymore. They will simply fly off to bother someone else.”

Most gardens, here, in Brisbane, harbour colonies of midges, commonly known as sandflies. They come out in the afternoons and although the flies themselves are pinprick tiny, their bites swell up, itch and linger for days, because I have an allergic reaction to them. Yesterday, a midge bit me on the toe while I was padding around barefoot on the patio. Wearing closed shoes today, a school day, was an irritating experience to say the least. Tomorrow won’t be any better.

If there is a lone mosquito anywhere, no matter how many people are present, it will always find me. Myarh jokes that when I am around, she doesn’t need to apply any insect repellent. Though I am glad to be of help, I can’t wait to test out Moriya’s theory that once I can truly be in the moment and identify the pesky thought patterns that make me react mechanically, I will no longer be picked as a preferred landing  pad by these diminutive blood suckers because I will have understood the lesson and moved beyond.

“Having said that, there are of course places like swamps and marshes that attract mosquitoes. But, ahoti, as like attracts like and as Karma does its work perfectly, there’s not a chance for someone to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

** Ahoti = my sister

Of course, the ego will ask: what would happen if … but in reality there are no ifs.  Ifs are never real. They are only fears we create in our mind. Some people get a clearer message from animals and insects than from people, so that’s their fate to be bitten until they realize the symbolism of that and act on it.

“Look how symbolic it is that the flies and mosquitoes cause maladies like malaria and Ross River fever in your country. People fall into a state of deep sleep and hallucinations. So, this malady reflects the state of ‘consciousness’ of these people, showing how sleepily they are in their lives, like the saying that says ‘asleep at the wheel’ and if they won’t do something when they awake from that bout of illness, their soul will attract another event to them, a worse one again.

Ma la-asot, ahoti? Ze ma yesh!

“You see, it is all kish-kush-bala-bush to interpret dreams as horoscopes do in the newspapers or on the net. Our soul never thinks in such basic linear ways. She is love, and faith, and truth and when she sends you an image of a lion, she simply wants you to see your potential to become a queen or a king, which symbolizes the soul.

You can choose to aim for that by understanding the symbolism and by obeying the call or maybe you can lose your focus and revert to obeying your animalistic ego-persona, the one that just wants to be indulged and satisfied and entertained like a child, while being spiritually asleep – at your own risk.

Your mistake is to think that you need to SEARCH and find a symbol here and a symbol there, like a forensic scientist looks for clues.  If you want to see the true meaning of symbols, you need to climb on top of a mountain and observe from high above – a bird’s view.

** Ma la-asot, ahoti? Ze ma yesh! = what can I say, my sister? This is how it is.   kish-kush-bala-bush = load of rubbish 

“C.C., the symbols are all around. They are bobbing around like little corks, just waiting for you to look and SEE them. OK, for now, if a mountain top is too high a climb, you can at least try standing on a ladder, yes?” Moriya chides again. Then, cryptically, she adds, “No need to search far for interpretations because you need only to look into the mirror and see everything reflected back at you.

“Messages are reminders like little flags. Minute after minute, moment after moment, they come in quick succession. Symbols, messengers, messages – the

show is right before your eyes. It is a live performance and it is very interesting, never boring. And if you should forget to observe and fall asleep in the middle of the show, a fresh messenger will come to awake you with a blow on the head.  And see, you don’t even need tickets for this long, long show.  It is set up just for you and it is all free.”


One day, Moriya told me about another of her dreams:

“I had such a strange but beautiful dream and I will tell you about it.

I was preparing a sandwich made out of a magazine. I took out all the staples, as there were a lot of them holding the pages together. Finally the color pages were ready so I pasted honey on them. Then, I folded the magazine in two and offered it to the people who were nearby and everyone enjoyed eating it very much.

You see, when I awoke I remembered the prophet Ezekiel [Ezekiel 3:3] to whom God gave a scroll to eat. “Then I ate it; and it was in my mouth as sweet as honey,” he said.

“All I can say,” Moriya added, “is that I hope my teachings are as sweet as honey for those who would like to be awakened from their slumber to gain self-realization. But nothing can change for anyone who cannot open their heart to give unconditional heart-chakra LOVE.”

When I replied, “Yes, OK, but making a sandwich out of a magazine is a weird dream,” Moriya was quick to reply, Lama, weird? Look around and see how often people ‘swallow’ words from newspapers, magazines, books, TV, movies, radio and also from each other’s mouths, huh? At least I had honey inside my word sandwich.”

**Lama = why?

By day, a teacher of Senior English and French in Brisbane, Australia, and, by night, first a writer of novels and now a writer of spiritual material, I am on a quest of sorts – I am searching for a connection to my soul, right here, right now.
By day, a teacher of Senior English and French in Brisbane, Australia, and, by night, first a writer of novels and now a writer of spiritual material, I am on a quest of sorts – I am searching for a connection to my soul, right here, right now.

Admittedly, I have an ulterior motive – quite a strong one at that: I am trying to edit some karma out of my energy field by altering its properties.

This, from me, who a couple of years ago thought about my soul as often as the molecular composition of my body, which was never.

Dear Reader, should you wish to read the original and fully illustrated pdf versions of all the articles based on Moriya’s Teachings, you will find them contextualized on C.C. on Destiny – the only page on the ‘net dedicated to her uncompromising approach to genuine spirituality.

Admittedly, I have an ulterior motive – quite a strong one at that: I am trying to edit some karma out of my energy field by altering its properties.

This, from me, who a couple of years ago thought about my soul as often as the molecular composition of my body, which was never.

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