Any Messages For Me?

“All your tests and messages are intended to keep you awake, to make you aware of yourself, to observe, to notice your physical automatic reactions, your automatic emotional reaction, you automatic What-Ifs – all of which amounts to yourself being on automatic pilot.

For every one of us, these messages and tests are only catalysts intended to keep us sane.

They are intended so we can find meaning in everything, as opposed to seeing none.

The more we can see for ourselves, the more our real Self grows and we feel less and less desire to identify with and respond to our false persona.

Less and less we desire to give her more fuel.

Less and less we agree passively to let her nag us like a greedy child. Less and less we allow her to trick us into being her slave.

In the Talmud there’s a saying: “From all my teachers I have learnt something,” but, C.C., only truly enlightened persons can teach you everything you need to know in this lifetime. However, regular personas can deliver to you a few messages at a time and, this, they do.

So welcome them, my Little Sister, and learn to understand their language – Moriya

“Let’s take for example the symbol of pain, tov?” asks Moriya. “Pain is a great messenger. When there’s pain in the body, it means something is wrong. Pain is like an alarm intended to drag our attention to a problem that would otherwise remain unnoticed, ken? Now, if you don’t take care of the problem, but take painkillers, the problem won’t go away. Instead, it will eventually lead to a chronic illness.

Now, let’s look at this from a spiritual perspective, tov?

** Tov? = yes? OK?

When there’s pain of the sort people feel when they are unhappy about their jobs, their family, friends or whatever, instead of opening their heart and practising a heart-chakra connection towards that person, they take painkillers in the form of drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping therapy, travelling, entertainment and all other kinds of avoidance kish-kushim in order to pretend for a few hours that the situation – and their pain – do not exist – which, of course, results in imbalance; which then triggers such states as depression, addiction or a chronic illness that is both mental and physical.

“So, you see, all symbols operate on the same level and get us back to the same meaning which is, understanding that the only absolute truth is that Soul IS love, just as it is faith and happiness.

When people are unhappy, it simply means they are not operating from their soul, but only through their limited ego-persona, the one that has a very limited range of responses, each of them of being of an egocentric nature.”

“People are so used to looking at the world through the little peephole owned by their ego-persona, that they delude themselves into thinking that, whatever they get up to and however they think, is the only way and is the normal way. Then they associate with people who happen to think the same things in the same way and they call them friends and *good people* – no matter what they get up to – provided they remain within the established values of that particular group.

“Now, imagine a person who has fallen down and has dislocated a knee, tov?

This problem forces her/him to limp. Over a period of time, slowly, that body adapts to the limp and other parts of the body adjust themselves accordingly.

It doesn’t matter that much because the person still can walk and go on with their life. That is, until the person’s spine is permanently bent the wrong way and she has to walk with the help of a stick; physical symbol of all the emotional crutches on which this person has depended all her life. In due course, the person might sigh

about it, but basically all they think is ze ma-yesh and the people around this person think, too, that it’s just the way things are.”

** kish-kushim = nonsense

Status quo – nothing changes and, worse, no one even thinks anything is really wrong until the doctor one day announces that major surgery – to be followed by weeks of rehab – is needed.

“The solution is, of course, to see, to understand, to stop and to reverse these happenings in order to return the body to its normal state.

The same thing applies to our mechanical reactions to actions and lack of understanding of the real world, the spiritual world around us.”

A few days ago, in a bid to be *in the moment*, prioritizing home jobs according to urgency, not according to which I wanted to do most and which I wanted to do last or not at all, I dragged myself to the front yard to mow the lawn. Between you and me, this activity is always way at the bottom of priorities when it’s my turn to get it done, but I had promised Myarh I would mow that lawn three weeks ago already and in the meantime, the blades of grass had shot up beyond ignoring, even by me. So off I went, although I could tell that the late afternoon sun still packed a lot of heat.

The front yard is slanted towards the street and while I was struggling with the mower on the uphill part, I reminded myself that if cutting one’s hair is symbolic of trimming down old thoughts to make room for fresh new ones, mowing the lawn might symbolize the same thing. Not surprisingly, this thought gave me a boost of energy and so off I went pushing and pulling the big mower.

When I had almost finished what of the yard is adjacent to the neighbour’s half-wall, I became aware of a presence behind me. I turned around, thinking Myarh had brought me a glass of water but, to my surprise, it was the neighbour.

Although we have been neighbours for more than ten years, the only interaction we have with each other is the occasional wave of the hand from a distance.

And so, unsure as to what he wanted, I looked at him quizzically over the din of the engine.

** Ze ma-yesh = that’s how it is

Yes, yes, when caught off guard, I am one of these people whose first expression is a frown. Still.

I noted his bare chest and the wide-brimmed hat on his head and the three others he had in the hand he extended towards me.

The neighbour spoke. I lowered the revs on the mower to hear him better. He spoke again, “You’ve been mowing for quite a while already, in the sun, without a hat, and I thought you might need one. I wouldn’t want you to feel faint or anything.”

Oh, I was so touched by his concern that I smiled. I thanked him for his thoughtfulness, adding that, truthfully, I was just about all done for the day.

When I recounted the story to Moriya, the first thing she replied, as I knew she would, was, Ve-ma, ahoti haketana, omeret about symbols? Stam kloom? Yo-fi, be-emet,” which roughly translates as “And what about it, my little sister? No thoughts of your own regarding the symbols? Just a coincidence?”

“Tov,” she added, “you did tov meod comparing the grass to thoughts and the need to cut them down. Ze tov, aval ma odd?

This is such a good message and I think you missed it altogether, just like you might go to a movie and not get the ending.

Look, you were cutting the grass, i.e. thoughts, yes? Now, you did it while the sun was hot, yes?

Sun = soul which gave you her good energy.

The neighbour is a messenger for your soul, because he came to offer you some protection. I mean, look at the picture, ahoti: on the one hand you remembered to trim down your thoughts to make them more manageable and consequently your head was exposed, which means fewer thoughts which in turn allows more light and more warmth inside your mind.

The man with bare chest showed you the escape from the need of the flesh.

As the Kabbalah says it, we need to take away all of our disguises, our masks, and unveil ourselves. Overall, this message is about you being protected by your soul.

So, you need to learn to accept all your messengers and whatever your messengers come to offer you, no matter what it will be, good or bad, sweet or sour because always it is a message for you to understand and heed.

** Ze tov, aval ma odd = that’s good, but what about the rest?      ahoti = my sister

Always pay heed to strangers in the supermarket or at your place of work or wherever you go, because they will be trying to deliver you something and you must TAKE IT.”

A few days ago, Myarh went shopping for a new laptop and while there, she experienced a *moment* laden with messages of the sort we are discussing here.

I am including this incident here because Moriya found it to be particularly symbolic – as they all are.

Unlike me, she always does a lot of background homework before buying electronic equipment. It is something she enjoys doing.  She finds it a nice escape from her work. OK, to each her own.

So Myarh eventually settled on a laptop which came with a few hundred dollars’ worth of extra bits and pieces, extra RAM, and two years’ worth of free anti-virus software.

The store from which she made the purchase was in a very large mall in which she had never shopped before. On the way back to the car, she couldn’t find it where she thought she had left it in the underground parking. The likelihood of it having been stolen was slim, and so she walked and walked through this multi-level carpark until she was totally disoriented. Finally, she called me for emotional support.

Myahr is a sailor and she has a very accurate sense of direction, which is why we were both perplexed by this incident. What else to suggest to my darling besides that she sit herself in the nearest coffee shop  and order herself a cafe au lait, her favourite. I also encouraged her to calm her thoughts enough to let the facade of whichever shop she had first noticed upon entering the area float up to her consciousness.

shopping for a new laptop = new approach/attitude/consciousness.

In Israel, we call them mobile computers so, as all computers, a laptop symbolizes the persona

homework research = preparing herself for the change

free anti-virus software for 2 years and free extra RAM = ongoing protection

she just couldn’t find it where she thought it was = cannot find herself, i.e. her spiritual real self

she walked and walked through this multi-level carpark = underground parking – lower level of the persona. Of course, following where our persona takes us will only lead us into a loop

she called me for emotional support = she needs your help to evolve and find her true self. You are good guidance for her

let the first shop she would have noticed upon entering the shopping area float up to her consciousness = help her connect with her source , her soul

she enjoys a very accurate sense of direction = CC, it’s a different kind of sense of direction that is needed when all arrows points inward and not outward

“See how symbolical this incident is? Nothing ever happens in a vacuum. Everything has meaning and purpose. How could it be otherwise when evolution starts from ABOVE and filters slowly down to our consciousness?

The major problem is that messages, unfortunately, become distorted on the way down.  Our channel needs cleaning. Water doesn’t flow well through a corroded pipe.”

Even our plasma TVs need to be tuned before they can transmit an image.

By day, a teacher of Senior English and French in Brisbane, Australia, and, by night, first a writer of novels and now a writer of spiritual material, I am on a quest of sorts – I am searching for a connection to my soul, right here, right now.
Admittedly, I have an ulterior motive – quite a strong one at that: I am trying to edit some karma out of my energy field by altering its properties.

This, from me, who a couple of years ago thought about my soul as often as the molecular composition of my body, which was never.

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