We think, everyone at some point of their life, needs a “morale boosting” activity! That too from time to time. It is not easy to convince yourself to go out and do something just and just for your own sake and happiness. But we did. As we wanted to save ourselves from becoming destructive. There are various things that you can do to keep yourself out of the routine! Like blogging! Like learning guitar! Like learning classical music, painting, photography or salsa! Meaning there must be something that you like to do…….. We are sure there is….! May be by starting off your own cookery classes!

It is very important for an individual, especially married women to devote sometime to themselves & for an activity of there choice. It not only brings the best in you but also keeps you updated with the outside world. And not to forget keeps you smiling! Because you derive a sense of achievement through that very activity! What is a sense of achievement? Sense of having achieved something by your own efforts and it stays with you forever!_______________ Which is imperative!

So what do we do ? First thing is stop whining and start taking decisions in life. The people who tell you how to things and what to do things…. while sitting at home. Tell them to do it themselves for week or two and show it to you! Yes! Sounds funny? Frankly the people who tell you how you can stay happy at home while doing nothing ….. can’t apply the same in there lives. So wake up! Live your life on your terms and if you compromise for family’s sake then the family should compromise at least twice a week for your sake. 🙂
Some females are lucky to have been married in families who understand all that can keep them happy and in turn they give it back too. But some! HUH….. OK lets not get into the negative track and rather make list of things that one could do while sitting at home and still stay afresh!

  1. Be proud :-of what you are doing for the family. Its a big sacrifice which women hardly make nowadays! Ensure that everyone realises how much you do everyday. And for the ones who don’t…. ask them to do instead! 🙂
  2. Makeover :- If you have a computer to read this blog ! Then you do have some money for a makeover at least once a month. This will not only keep you looking good but also will boost your confidence. In fact everyone needs a makeover. Go to a spa, give yourself a beauty treatment. There are so many beauty treatments that could be done at home. Do. it for yourself and your hubby.
  3. Pamper Yourself :- Right from a manicure or a pedicure to facials. Whatever you need …just do it. Shopping new clothes may even new “undies” for change sake. Do it. It doesn’t have to be a “Victoria secret” all the time ;).
  4. Make – up :- By makeup we don’t intend to say layers of “foundation, rouge or mascara” everyday. Which would actually lead you to a skin specialist! But may be a little lipstick, lip gloss or even a lip balm. And may be a little herbal kajal if you prefer! Else when will you do all this ? At the age when your upper lip sets in between your chin and lower lips? HUH… No lady just do it …. this is your time….!
  5. Yoga Or Gym :- Yoga is the trend! And it is because of its benefits. A daily “Pranayam” Or “deep breathing” on regular intervals for a specific time will keep you high all day long. Look for “Baba Ramdev’s video” On YouTube. He is awesome! Also if you ain’t the one who can follow a yoga routine then gyming is the best for you. Daily workout will not only release your “happy hormones” but will also keep you in shape & will keep your stamina high.
  6. Picnics :- if your hubby is busy to take you and your kids out. Make plans with your other friends for an outing or a picnic. Trust us it fun! The women who are at home most of the time they need to realise the importance of fresh air!
  7. Meet Friends :- Talk to your friends and meet them on regular basis. As we mentioned in the blog earlier ” chhavi & lavanya” talk everyday whatsoever! Take out time to speak to friends and meet them. It is important!
  8. Read Off and On :- You might no be an avid reader! That’s OK! But still take some time out off and on to read a magazine or surf articles on net. And most importantly solve some puzzles. It is a good exercise for your brain. Books on healing, Positive mind and other such topic motivate you directly or indirectly!
  9. KITCHEN :- why in caps! coz this is the best that you can do for yourself and family! Make exciting dishes, Milk shakes, fruit juices, pancakes, cakes, lasagna, deserts & exciting main courses. Cooking is a very good stress buster! At the same time you ensure good health of your family!
  10. Work Part Time :-Yes if possible ! working is the best remedy ! write articles or review articles and get paid for them. Else join some part time… where you earn as well as stay busy!. …. staying busy is the key! . . . .

Lastly you can learn dancing or participate in some social welfare functions or carry tuitions if possible. Just stay busy! And stay happy!

Chhavi & Lavanya

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